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Why Exemplar


Because now all you need is one team. We holistically represent companies with law, tax, strategy and capital.


You get relationship as a service. Experts from all areas work together for you with our Flexpertise® process

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Only value based pricing. No hourly bill, no hourly bull.

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Driven by values you value – Social, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental.





Exemplar represented an electronic voting tech company in an appeal to the State of Alaska’s procurement department for their choice of vendors for their state election


Exemplar Law    Exemplar Strategy


Exemplar represented the Royal Family of Thailand in the building of the largest Buddhist Temple in America and completed the immigration work for 40+ religious iconography to complete the building


Exemplar Law     Exemplar Strategy


Exemplar successfully represented the touring production Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, in a high profile litigation over the Sony grand rights to the production


Exemplar Law     Exemplar Strategy   Exemplar Tax & Accounting


Exemplar completed a $150Mil M&A of a energy power plant that was converting to renewable energy


Exemplar Law     Exemplar Strategy   Exemplar Capital


Exemplar represents some of America’s most iconic family offices in land acquisitions, M&A, and Private Placements


Exemplar Law   Exemplar Strategy

Exemplar Capital   Exemplar Tax & Accounting


Exemplar represents a $40Mil publicly traded food manufacturer in a complex restructuring following a listeria scare, including corporate, litigation, tax, and capital markets work


Exemplar Law   Exemplar Strategy

Exemplar Capital   Exemplar Tax & Accounting


Exemplar setup and represents a number of impact investment funds investing across industries


Exemplar Law   Exemplar Strategy

Exemplar Capital   Exemplar Tax & Accounting


Exemplar manages the patent portfolio of one of the largest Solar companies in America


Exemplar Law   Exemplar Strategy  Exemplar Tax & Accounting


Exemplar raised $20Mil from GE Capital for a leading publicly traded (NYSE) biologics company


Exemplar Law   Exemplar Strategy  Exemplar Tax & Accounting

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Exemplar’s team has been exceptional. Since 2008 they have guided us through a multitude of complex legal and business transactions. From contracts, setting up our ESOP, corporate structures, holding companies, negotiating investments, lawsuits, trademarks and much more. As a result, we have always had access to the best regardless of our needs, and in a spirit of true partnership and support when it mattered most. Fast, nimble, dedicated, high performance, friendly, and strong.

—— Kipp Stroden, Chairman / CEO Essential Living Foods, Inc.

My experience with Exemplar has been so profound to my business direction that I have recommended them to a close niche of clients and friends. I certainly don’t give out referrals that easy but this referral is a no brainer which is apparent given the impact it is having on those now working with Exemplar. Precise, caring and most of all they listen and act!

—— Lisa Robinson, CEO NBBL, Inc.

Due to their collective experience across a broad spectrum of subjects, Exemplar’s team was able to quickly understand our complex organization, enough to have made several suggestions that, upon reflection and execution, have been good moves.

—— Sean Michael Brown, CEO Delphi Village

The advice I received by working with Exemplar has made me a much better businessman, and manager. They have shown me techniques to improve and streamline my operations. I have also found the advise to be priceless and invaluable. I can not thank them enough for all of their help and guidance over the years, they have become indispensable.

—— Dan Sorger, CEO Shyft Manufacturing

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