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We revolutionized the way professional services are delivered

“The Exemplar team provides different vantage points and are also pretty cool people. It has been comforting to have a talented team in our corner and to bounce ideas off of. The way Exemplar provides counsel in a different way that is not typical, is awesome. The journey that we have been on together has been really enriching. “

“Exemplar is really everything that I was hoping it would be and more. Having a team that is available to me, to be able to support me, provide a point of reference, network, new ideas and suggestions has been incredibly helpful. I appreciate it so much. “

Christopher Lai, CEO of  Marquis Beverages

Jennifer Norman, CEO of The Human Beauty Movement

“Our experience with Exemplar has been 100% positive. I think the guys on your team have been very helpful. We put together an outstanding presentation and they helped us refine it, perfect it, and make it more understandable to the layman investor that is not steeped in gold mining, silver mining, or base metal mining. So we are very excited about working with you and want to go out and get this raise done and get busy. “


“I think meeting Exemplar has really been a godsend. The way you handle compliance, developing strategies, and structuring, has been a very big blessing these last two years. We appreciate the help, and you have a great team. They are on top of it and they get it done. I appreciate someone who says they will something, and they do it. “


Howard Crosby, CEO of Nevada Comstock
Greg Womack, CEO of Womack Investment Advisory

“Part of the smoking mirrors in business often is unnecessary potential, and the fact you are insulating in one box these key functions, when you are looking at Exemplar, they’ve got those things figured out in one unit. If one person is having a problem, talk to the other one of your team members about it. In business, that’s an evolutionary promise to be able to make. And of course, your fee model is very impressive.”

Ise Lyfe, CEO of Lyfe Productives

“I have some incredible luck. When opportunity meets the focus and the intent, that’s what the luck is. There’s never just one thing, it’s an actual multitude of things that has a lot to do with people, Chris. I am so blessed to have people like you, knowing I had you guys there as my advisors gave me so much confidence. When you have that confidence you can like walk through everything. Confidence is amazing”

“What I love about Exemplar, anytime I came to you guys for anything, you always have a resource. At first, I thought Exemplar was a law firm, however, I learned quickly that is a small proportion of what you do. You helped us restructure for a sale, you helped us do a deck, you helped straighten our accounting, legal processes, partner issues. Part counsel, part advisor, part legal transaction. I like you guys being a one stop shop where I get everything I want. “

Sita Thompson, CEO of Sita Couture
Darrell Griffin, CFO of Illumniate Hollywood

I wanted to take the time to say thanks, your offices have been a huge help to my and my company. I am very excited to have Exemplar Companies on our team, their expertise gives us the flexibility to change the world! Love you guys!

—— Brandon Boucher, Managing Member at New Paradigm Energy LLC

Exemplar’s team has been exceptional. Since 2008 they have guided us through a multitude of complex legal and business transactions. From contracts, setting up our ESOP, corporate structures, holding companies, negotiating investments, lawsuits, trademarks and much more. As a result, we have always had access to the best regardless of our needs, and in a spirit of true partnership and support when it mattered most. Fast, nimble, dedicated, high performance, friendly, and strong.

—— Kipp Stroden, Chairman / CEO Essential Living Foods, Inc.

My experience with Exemplar has been so profound to my business direction that I have recommended them to a close niche of clients and friends. I certainly don’t give out referrals that easy but this referral is a no brainer which is apparent given the impact it is having on those now working with Exemplar. Precise, caring and most of all they listen and act!

—— Lisa Robinson, CEO NBBL, Inc.

Due to their collective experience across a broad spectrum of subjects, Exemplar’s team was able to quickly understand our complex organization, enough to have made several suggestions that, upon reflection and execution, have been good moves.

—— Sean Michael Brown, CEO Delphi Village

The advice I received by working with Exemplar has made me a much better businessman, and manager. They have shown me techniques to improve and streamline my operations. I have also found the advise to be priceless and invaluable. I can not thank them enough for all of their help and guidance over the years, they have become indispensable.

—— Dan Sorger, CEO Shyft Manufacturing