Mehow Pospieszalski

Director of Blockchain Technologies, Exemplar Consulting, LLC

Exemplar Consulting, Inc.

  • Rune Wallet – patent pending crypto hardware wallet that supports all alt-coins.
  • Mr. Right Dating – Apple and Facebook whitelisted dating app where all the men are Mr.Right. World’s first dating ICO.
  • Stabledollar – U.S based, fully asset backed, blockchain movable stablecoin.
  • Stash Crypto – worlds’ only cryptographically secure off and on chain financial cryptosystem.
  • Jurisdictionally Enhanced ICOs – fully jurisdictionally compliant ICO system for both high liquidity and compliance.
  • Sukha – next generation green, medical, energy, and grow tech.
  • BA, University of Virginia, Echols Interdisciplinary.
  • Passed 70+ IT exams.
  • Certified by Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Novell, Cisco.

I really want to help people. I was one of top dating coaches after retiring from computer hacking. I wrote 8 books and 500,000 people downloaded my products online. I hosted 3 seasons of Yahoo Screen’s “The Girls Game” with 6 million viewers.


Fitness fanatic, burner, sound healer, EMT/SAR, guitarist, pilot, survivalist, author, CEO – I Desire To Inspire SHIFT.


I love the depth of our team – there’s really no problem that the in house team can’t solve.

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