Andrew (Andy) Szabo

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Exemplar Capital, LLC

I will be working on further expansion of our investor base for Exemplar issuers as well as seeking out suitable issuers (primarily as to corporate and real estate clients).  I also aim to promote our legal, compliance, accounting and investment banking services, preferably offered as an organic whole.

JD, Yale Law School.  MA, Harvard University.  BA, Binghamton University (With Honors). Hold Charter as a CFA.

Board member, Friends of Autistic People, whose mission is to promote the interests of autistic adults.  Believe in conservation of wild land and watersheds.

Active father of five children (three girls and two boys).  Practitioner of the Chinese martial art of neigong.  Animal lover.  Interests in languages, science, math, ecology.

I love the structure of Exemplar, which allows us to bring our savvy law, accounting, consulting and investment banking professionals to the client’s table for especially fruitful meetings and deal-making.  Clients highly value our practice of project pricing, not hourly billing. I also love the innovative and inclusive atmosphere at Exemplar, while embracing the humanistic and environmental values embedded in our work culture.

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