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Substance Lagarde

Director of Community and Culture,
Exemplar Companies, PBC

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I love being at Exemplar, because like the gamechangers we serve, we have a team full of innovative, visionary, fearless leaders! It’s so much fun being surrounded by experts who bring years of experience, while birthing fresh perspectives with amazing adaptability to meet the current landscape. We support projects in being untouchable/ on point within the current infrastructure, while trailblazing and redefining the edges of innovation in the 16+ soul-utionary focus areas of which our clients pioneer.

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  • I support geniuses actualize greater impact in regenerative solutions, resonance sciences, emerging projects in connection arts, cannabis & hemp, AR/VR/AI, bio-tech, among other areas of innovation.
  • Creating safe, fun space to expand community and culture for Exemplarites across the globe, as we build Exemplar’s team and family of innovators.


B.A. Sociology, with High Honors

Sawyer School of Management, Suffolk University


  • I support the incubation phases of soul-utionary start ups, to get them aligned for launch, strategy and scaling up.
  • Contributor and activator in support of children’s leadership, exploration, emotional literacy, movement and nature based education a few times a week in LA and at transformational festivals.
  • I walk & train with wisdom keepers and elders of several ancient lineage teachings, bridging ancient wisdom with solutions & technologies being birthed present day.
Spoken word performer, resonance curator of sound elevation experience, LOVES young masters (children) I have 3 little sisters and little nephew. Traveling ignites my light! I’ve lived in Egypt and South Asia, and also have travelled in Southern Europe and Central America. I am actively pollinating solutions in rural areas throughout the world, and am on an activation tour of sacred sites as often as I can.