“The ends exemplify the means.”

Robert Alden Dobbins

New Media Producer, Exemplar Business

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I love the way Exemplar has created an environment and process where analytical creatives and visionary creatives can come together and create magic together. The value-economy based structure creates a conscious and fun atmosphere of calm, cool and seasoned masters who are rewarded by collaboration, incentivizing a company culture of professionals that bridge divides, appreciate, and activate each other.

AT EXEMPLAR Work Smart, Have Fun – See Us At Play

Media & brand development, production, creative oversight & strategy. Marketing strategy & development, influencer marketing. Creating engaging and strategic new shows and media for Exemplar Presents that kicks ass, is on-brand. Franchise-level transmedia consulting & development.



M.S. Digital Filmmaking 

University of The Nations

M.S. Performing Arts

University of The Nations


The Film Institute Journeyman Apprenticeship Program


Speaker – Nexus Global Futurism Lab: Regenerative Entrepreneurship

Co-founder Eden Coop Topanga, a social-action org.

University of the Nations – developed media for hundreds of NGO’s, Non Profits and impact organizations.


I grew up in Hawaii, I was born in Santa Cruz CA. My grandfather was an inventory, my other grandfather was the Professor of Physics at UC Santa Cruz and his brother headed CERN for a while so we’ve got a lot of science and philosophy and particle physics talk going on at family get togethers and I bring that approach to Media. I practice TM and yoga, am addicted to learning and if I do speak I’ll probably ramble on about philosophy or biology or something you wouldn’t expect. 


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