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Peter Sutherland Redwood MS

Business Consultant, Exemplar Consulting Group LLC

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  • Strategic Business Development: Demonstrated expertise in devising and executing impactful business growth initiatives within a variety of industries, leading to substantial and enduring revenue amplification and market expansion.
  • Empathetic Leadership and Cultural Strategy: Deeply versed in cultivating empathetic cultures and instigating organizational change through proficient leadership, adept communication, and seamless interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Healthcare Consulting Expertise: Extensive experience in pioneering value-based healthcare initiatives, integrating sharp insights, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge technologies to challenge industry norms. Leveraging comprehensive knowledge of value-based care, wellness programs, and integrative practice units (IPUs) to spearhead transformative projects within the healthcare and related sectors.
  • Entrepreneurial Success and Venture Support: Proven track record in securing startup funding, nurturing rapid-growth enterprises, and offering holistic venture support, encompassing VCaaS, culminating in the prosperous launch of health-tech platforms.
  • Outstanding Relationship Building and GTM Proficiency: Skillful in fostering enduring connections and orchestrating strategic partnerships and alliances, alongside a strong GTM strategy insight, resulting in successful market expansion and penetration for diverse ventures.


I excel in building genuine connections and adapting to various social settings with ease, allowing me to foster positive relationships and create a comfortable atmosphere for open communication and collaboration. I’m known for my fearlessness in approaching new challenges and environments, enabling me to embrace opportunities for growth and development.


Master of Science Healthcare Transformation

University of Texas

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

San Diego State University