“The ends exemplify the means.”

Katherine Brand

Managing Director
Exemplar Companies, Pbc.

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What I love about being at Exemplar is the shared values among our team, clients, and connectors. Being at a company that at the core is focused on what is best for the client through the lens of strategic vision and execution with capital, law, finance, and tax incorporated as part of the whole is amazing. It makes me love going to work each day. How lucky am I?

AT EXEMPLAR Work Smart, Have Fun – See Us At Play
  • Advising several blockchain & ICO clients on tokenization of real equity, capital-raise strategy, and negotiating with domestic and international institutional investors and syndicates.
  • Working with sophisticated clients on growth strategy and potential acquisitions
  • Worked with conscious capital thought leaders, blockchain, product development companies,manufacturers, software, tech, healthcare companies, food and beverage, platform companies, funds, apps
  • Working with companies on structuring / development of fund strategy for blockchain/crypto, middle market investment, and emerging growth companies
  • Throughout her career, Katherine has helped Fortune 100 companies to Start Ups acquire over $1.5 bil in capital


B.A. Political Science

Boston University

MBA, International Business – Finance

Thunderbird School of Global Management


  • Leader at Revolve Nation
  • Member of The W3 Group: Women Working with Women
  • Co-Chair of the PRS Road Race
  • Volunteer of Christmas in the City
Mother of 3 amazing children, jogger, tennis player, lover of all most all sports, volunteer, gardener, reader, and dancer.

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