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Jillian Sommerfeld

Brand Strategist
Exemplar Consulting, LLC

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Exemplar provides a remarkable environment for freedom. aligning thought leaders and visionaries. Cultivating a work play environment for the entrepreneurial mindset to create a “win-win” for everyone. Exemplar is a place where excellence exists.

AT EXEMPLAR Work Smart, Have Fun – See Us At Play
  • I create intuitive brand strategies  – with a “NO bullish*t” type of mentality.
  • Diving deep into the culture – Creating transformational bonds and assessing/observing certain obstacles then Igniting movement for authentic results. 
  • The ONE thing I LOVE the most about my job – witnessing little miracles happen everyday that allow the world to become a better place. 

Jillian Sommerfeld is revered as an up and coming positive force in the wellness world. Hailing from a long line of functional medicine experts – Jillian has a natural way of understanding the current market to cultivate relevant and organic strategies. 9 + years of talent, working with multiple brands, Jillian has dedicated her life to inspiring innovative concepts to lead from a place of integrity for the greater good of the world. Jillian prides herself off of her ability to connect directly to a clients vision to assist in evolving it from a space of authenticity. Jillian has a wide range of expertise in Wellness space.


  • Team building 
  • Creative direction 
  • Innovation 
  • Impeccable work ethic 
  • Optimistic transformation 
I love humans! annnnd I’m a Professional Dancer trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Hip hop and Ballroom. Singer/Songwriter – and overall performer. I enjoy motivational speaking – hosting inspirational events and enjoy witnessing miracles on the reg. Facilitating others in becoming their best self by providing genuine feedback – a true alchemist. I’ve been featured on the news twice and am pegged as a “Positive Life Activist” spending my days fighting for the fair and good. I love photography – my instagram and just being an overall creative!