“The ends exemplify the means.”

James Michael Lang

Marketing & Media Advisor
Exemplar Consulting, LLC

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I believe that together we can create a new arm of success for Exemplar to move into the field of Media & Marketing for any and all of its value aligned clients.

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I am building key strategic media & marketing technologies to help all companies, who we align with, evolve to the next phase of their business lifespan. We have a diverse team that specializes in Web Development, CRM building, Custom API deployment, Marketing Strategy, Product Launches, System Integrations, Video Production, Animation and User Interfaces. Our goal is to create a cohesive multi-functional solution to bridge the gap in any front facing infrastructure.


B.S., Digital Media and Marketing 

Art Institute Of Fort Lauderdale


I consider my greatest strength as having the ability to take a concept and put it into a living structure. Having worked in many industries at many levels, I have a broad understanding of what it takes to get almost anything done and delivered on time. Coupled with having a strong foundation in business and media creation, I can lead creative decision making processes in stressful situations.  Often in the role as the Director or Team Manager, I am comfortable managing large scale tasks and making profitable returns.

Motorcycle Riding Adrenaline Junkie who lives live on the bio-hackers optimal edge. Always seeking, Always learning, Always pushing the bar higher.

How Can We Help?

Happy to connect and get to know you more.

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