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Bill Hoop

Managing Director. Real Estate Distribution,
Exemplar Capital, LLC

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AT EXEMPLAR Work Smart, Have Fun – See Us At Play
  • Introduce Exemplar Sponsors to FINRA broker-dealers and their advisors.
  • Work with registered investment advisors (RIAs) and their clients in using Exemplar’s expertise and our Sponsor’s investment opportunities in their financial planning.
  • Work with tax and financial planning professionals including CPAs and Tax Attorneys and their clients in taking full advantage of the investment opportunities from Exemplar that meet their objectives.
  • Capitalize on the benefit of Exemplar’s unique combination of tax, financial, and business expertise in providing information, and, in making recommendations that assist both advisors and their client in making the best decisions and investment choices


B.S.  Real Estate

 M.A.I  Award Winner

FINRA Series, 7, 24

Real Estate Broker


Real Estate Broker



     Captain, U.S. Air Force

  National Guard


My career has enabled me to fully participate in America’s greatest challenges and opportunities in helping others in our charitable activities and in supporting our democracy through our political advocacy.


My life has been blessed as I have been able to play sports, ski, golf, scuba dive, and play some tennis.  Today I am most recognized for my collection (vinyl) and enjoyment of music, and my new garden here in Eagle, Idaho.