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Exemplar represents a leading-edge biologics company using stem cells to promote the regrowth of bone and cartilage with life-saving outcomes for patients In need. At the time of engagement, the company was a $37Mil business set on a growth path to doubling each year for the ensuing years. In a holistic effort across, law, business, and investment banking, Exemplar took this company public, making the NASDAQ and NYSE compete for the listing. We rang the bell of the NYSE after a successful process and having navigated significant technical securities matters with the DTC and with NASDAQ. Exemplar served as general counsel to this business, in addition to providing strategy and capital guidance as well. 

Once public, their accounting system was inadequate for a full NYSE-traded company, so Exemplar helped lead an upgrade of their systems for compliance, while  the board of directors of directors was put in place, creating sub-committees, and training management on all aspects of Sarbanes Oxley compliance. In the course of navigating the public listing on the legal side, Exemplar was engaged and successfully raised $20Mil in growth capital with a $50Mil acquisition line from a prominent and reputable institution.


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