Exemplar Companies recently launched the “Business Emergency Room®, which consists of a suite of timely services to help companies navigate real-time business problems and disruption in order to support small businesses and emerging enterprises. Businesses around the country will have access to a fully staffed triage team during business hours with 24 hour turnaround to getting the right professional team members engaged to solve the problem. Although the “Business Emergency Room” is a new component of Exemplar, it is built upon experienced licensed, and pedigreed professionals across law, business advisory, tax/accounting, and investment banking . Created in support of Exemplar’s Quad Bottom Line (Social, Environmental, Spiritual, Financial), Exemplar is taking leadership in supporting emerging enterprises and small business in anticipation of upcoming challenges businesses will face due to economic disruptions in 2020 and beyond.

“It is our honor to step up and lead when the business community needs us the most.  Thousands of businesses lack the right professionals at hand to help solve their unique problems, and Exemplar is proud to dedicate resources and our talented multi-disciplinary team to helping businesses navigate a post-pandemic economy” Christopher Marston, Esq, CEO – Exemplar Companies, Pbc

Having Exemplar as a business partner will allow companies to quickly resource the optimal strategy to solve problems of varying magnitudes with urgency.  The Business Emergency Room® is structured as a typical medical emergency room, requiring businesses to first check in with a business triage specialist who will go deep with clients to understand the challenge. After the specialist reviews the nature of the business emergency, they will run point to coordinate with the Subject Matter Experts from Legal, Capital,  Business Strategy, and Tax to provide response, recovery, and prevention strategies to the business facing crisis.

Exemplar Companies is a new-economy knowledge firm combining law, tax, accounting, strategy, and investment banking that serves business across the nation. Exemplar Capital is a Licensed Broker-Dealer and Member of FINRA and SIPC.   Exemplar Law and Accounting is the first in the nation to abandon hourly billing in favor of value-based pricing exclusively.


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