Dear Exemplar Community,

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities globally, I want to update you on our plan that we have taken to ensure the continuity of our offerings and services for you.

As an innovative firm with national operations, Exemplar’s services will not be impacted. As a geographically distributed organization, we have already accustomed to remote collaboration among our team and with our customers, and well-equipped through remote technologies to maintain the high-quality customer service and support that you expect from us.

Following guidance from local and global health authorities, all our employees are temporarily transitioning to work from home. As an additional step to protect our customers, partners, employees and their families from the spread of the virus, we have curtailed non-essential business travel. Recognizing many of our customers have implemented similar policies, we have conducted our business through Zoom and other video communications services.

Additionally, we have build a S.W.A.T unit consisted of 5 experts from our legal, capital, tax, human resources and business consulting departments to help you in time-sensitive critical incidents and urgent situation, and guide you design and build your business continuity plan and set action on ensuring your business is minimized impacted by this public health crisis and economic depression.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. We will continue to innovate services we deliver and the value we provide to our communities, and we will serve as an great example of what is possible in the digital age. We are fully committed to maintaining our business operations at the highest levels and ensuring you receive the highest quality service without disruption. Thank you for your continued support to Exemplar Companies!

Best Wishes,
Christopher Marston

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