Major Crowdfunding Updates In 2021

On November 2, 2020 the Securities and Exchange Commission voted to amend rules in order to simplify and improve the complex regulations to the Crowdfunding Regulations under the JOBS Act.

These developments are welcomed news for early stage companies. Not only will the amount of capital that can be raised under Reg CF increase significantly, but investors interest is likely to be greater because of the increased investment limits. Additionally, the ability to test the waters allows companies to better evaluate opportunity for investor interest before incurring large costs of a Reg CF offering​.

A CEO’s Perspective on Overcoming Challenge

“We have ups and downs several times an hour. What keeps me going is seeing consumers buy and drink my stuff. ” 

– Christopher Lai, CEO,  Marquis Beverages

Our “CEOs Get Real” series provide its viewer’s insight into emerging new businesses, gives a glimpse into the minds of influential entrepreneurs, and gets real with candid conversations about everyday life.

Censorship and Attacks on Free Speech are Damaging to a Free Society

Unlike many countries, Americans are free to express their ideas, even if those ideas are unpopular, unconventional, or wrong (though in many cases, they may eventually be proven right.) Americans are thus free to participate in peaceful protests and engage in dissent through discussion and debate rather than censorship and punishment.


The marketplace of ideas is what allows all of us, regardless of race, religion, political views, etc. to have a voice without fear of government interference. What happens when the marketplace of ideas becomes threatened, not even by the government, but by private technology companies that are so powerful they aren’t afraid to go further than out government?

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3 Challenges with M&A Transactions

The vast number of failed deals – sometimes cited as being over 50% of all M&A transactions –  is a testament to the many problems which can arise during a merger or acquisition. And how even the most experienced companies fail to overcome them. 

Challenges Include:

  1. Lacking a good motive for acquisition
  2. Overestimating synergies
  3. Inadequate due diligence

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