Exemplar Connect


Meeting Minutes: September 28, 2021

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST

Team Members Highlighted.

    • Greg McDonnell – end of May (been w/).  Was just a guest speaker at Mirimar College.  His son turned 5 over the weekend.  Think of me think of hospitality and crypto
    • Dick Mitchell – have been with exemplar a couple years.  Background is in in-house corporate.  Worked in NY, NJ, and San Francisco.  Has done a large amount of international work and has the passports to prove it.  Has been to over 150 countries in his career. 
    • Joelle Paul-Cook – Director of Human Capital.  She focuses on leadership development.  When you think of her, think of workforce and organization development, professional development, talent acquisition, and professional growth.  She just closed on  a house.  Her and her husband like to purchase houses and fix them up to rent.  They focus on renters who are usually unable to get rentals.  The have the renters involved and help with the remodels, event picking out finishes  The renters will get a few months free rent in the beginning because of the sweat equity.   All Renters do not pay rent the month of December.   

Deep Dive On A Success.

  • Christopher — Land development/conservation Deals:  Exemplar capital raised $3Mil already, closing in on $4Mil.  Amazing for a pre-Oct raise amount. —   been doing a lot of this over the last few years. 

Team Leads Discuss – Leads and Opportunities and Future Events

    • Katherine –
      • Tailor Capital,
        • Company who work with companies in the pre-financing stage prior to manufacturing stage. 
      • Joel Hatcher, crypto space for a while. 
        • Should be on flex this week.
    • Chris –
      • Wage Wonderful Fund, – is founded by CEO of clothing brand and solder design.  20-50 mil.  Fund formation
      • GVentures, – seed stage venture fund.  Nick is awesome.  Is doing a series side by side fund.  Can see track record online.  Gventures.fund They are also interested in conservation easements.
      • Mighty Knight Bio,  – venture related to Sweetwater.  Bio Company that can grow and harvest CBD related molecules in a lab. 
      • Infinity Bank – meet with COO based in Minnesota.  Values line up with exemplar values.  We are working to create custom solutions for lending.  The are very responsive.  Working on compliance, possibly litigation.
    • Jeff H – Marketing Updates
      • Last day w/ exemplar is Thursday.  Payton is your marketing contact going forward. (You have been a great asset to the team,  Very professional and have done a great job.  You will be missed.)

Cross Pollination:  

    • Chris – Xylitol Intellectual Property
      • Solder Design has a brand they are partnering with.  Have a paten-able process to produce xylitol.  Hooked them up with Steve Hoffburg who had a call with them this morning.  Steve is working with the client to come up with strategies for return on investment.
    • Andy – IHS Marketing
      • Innovated Health Solutions.  Medical Device Company based in Indiana.  The focus of company of pediatric for mildly invasive product for.  If you would like to see the recorded presentation contact Andy.   
      • Sending out information on Fee Simple information for Conservation Easements.
    • Katherine – Five Flavor herbs
      • Cultivate and manufacture herb products Pharmacy for eastern practitioners.  Looking to raise capitol this year.   Looking for people to partner with.  Wife is opening a practice and husband is looking for someone to invest and help with business.

Team Member Recognition – Chis

    • Steve Hoffburg –
      • You have been joining capitol deal calls.  Loves technology.  Referring people to Steve for paten protection.  He is a good team player.  Steve is honest when things cannot be done.  Steve – “We can do anything, what it is going to cost and how long will it take.”


  • Steve White – Watch congress news
      1. Everyone needs to figure out changes in tax laws and what is it going to cost us. An opportunity to talk to your clients regarding this and what the changes are going to mean for them.
      2. Von – The amount of info you get from estate planning clients give a great opportunity for cross pollination. 
      3. Keele – it is a good time for our clients to look at policies for vaccination, masking, work from home policies.  It is time to get ready for the changes to come from the changes coming from the federal government.
  • John Huber
    • Prospect looking for possible 10kmil raise. They still need some work and not ready to pay someone to help them raise money.