Exemplar Connect


Meeting Minutes: October 12, 2021

Networking Meetings (Chris & Joelle)

    • Going to creating one and one or small group meetings to assist with connecting with one another and learning all that we can offer.

Cross Pollination

    • Vera Project.  Have at least 3 or 4 projects to introduce for this project. 
    • Discussed NFTs and securities in the virtual/digital market
    • Greg McDonald brought up opportunity with possible work

Team Leads Discuss- Leads & Opportunties and Future Events

    • Steve M
      1. Jess to help with AMEX statement.  Please copy Jessica on receipts so we can reconcile
      2. IT Support with Jeff will end the 15th.  Vitagig will start on October 18th.  Steve will send contact information.  This is for Microsoft problems. 
      3. 30 day trial with ignite.  A replacement for Box.  Will ask 4 or 5 of you to assist with the testing of the functionality. 
    • Katherine 
      1. Tailor Capital, they are looking to raise funds to lend to other companies on the early end before most traditional lenders will lend.
      2. Litigation Finance working with Christopher, will be up and running soon.
    • Chris 
      1. Filmio, Keith Montgomery introduced about individual films getting engagement prior to creating the film.  A new way to get funding. Flexpertise in the next week or two
      2. Phyta-Zenica, crypto capital raising platform.  Based in Zug, Switzerland.  Crypto capital of the world. For non pharma.  Natural health and healing.
      3. Prexa-Sante. Natural molecule dye that promotes health.   Found a way to turn into a Nano molecule.  Anti-viral drops that help keep people out of the hospital. 
      4. Dr. Stephan working on a natural health plan for Exemplar employees.
    • Andy 
          • Land deals:
            1. Ropes Creek—NPRE, progressing nicely. Fee simple deal
            2. Bruce Creek—Greneco, fee simple deal. 
            3. Open for questions and discussions on land deals.
          • Biotech and medical devices:
            1. SMSbiotech, discovered a new stem cell.  $5 mil bridge equity deal.
            2. IHS – pediatric medical devise functional abdominal pain associated with IBS in children.


            1. Freedom Motors – innovative wanko engine.  Will revolutionize hybrid cars. Very good for generators.
          • Logistics:
            1. PalX – bridge financing for up to $5 million.  Pallet cooling
    • Mike – TBD
      1. Networking on the accounting side
      2. Excelcier capital – get companies out of receivership or bankruptcy and turn them around.   Doing payroll and accounting services.
      3. Live music instructor.  On line company looking for a CFO.  $10 mil a year.  Started 2 more companies. On-line teaching company
    • Steve W –
      1. Had a great meeting with referral in Florida.  Estate plan for an owner of a large company

Products or Sales Ideas

    • Jeff A – Banking Tech & FinTech (PP Presentation under Libraries)
      1. Evolving Intersections of Banking and FinTech (FINANCAIL TECHNOLOY)