Meeting Minutes: May 10, 2022

Team Zoom Meeting Minutes

Tuesday May 10, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 12:40 p.m. EST

1.     Welcome/Intro new team members (Chris)

o   Tom Konkowski – Welcome.  Lives in Phoenix, Wealth planner in our financial services department.  Had a practice for 25 years, decided to retire.  Then Joelle called and convinced me to join the firm.

o   Christiana Winfrey – Welcome.  Our newest controller, from Georgia.  Worked mostly with early-stage startups. Uber and Redit.  Have a 4-year-old and 3-month-old.

2.     Tip of the Week (Chris)

o   Will be adding micro training to the by monthly meetings. 

o   Value pricing training will be coming around to everyone.  Thank you, Joelle, for putting the power point together.

o   Payton – Intranet – if you need assistance on logging on, please connect with Payton.

3.     Team Leads Discuss – Leads and Opportunities and Future Events

o   Katherine –

1.     IFG – Fund that is doing work in the Cannabis space.  They have a great product.  If you know of anyone who has land or warehouse space who is interested let Katherine know

2.     $15 mil debt raise.  Singapore company possibly looking to come to the US.

3.     Tour or Trade Pros – possible flex client. 

4.     Julie is new to our team. is bringing a new client Crystal Creek.

5.     Valiant is going live if you are interested contact me or Christopher.

o   Chris

1.     10XTS Raise – amazing platform for digital assets.  Possible capital raise for them.  One of their affiliates will be joining us. 

2.     Remterra – C/E Issuer – group of Lawyers in Alabama.  Have 3 deals coming to market this year.

3.     Public Shell Purchase and roll-up – Have a call scheduled to explore what shells we can find for them.  And hopefully will lead to more work for us.

4.     Sunstor Solar – They call us when they get in trouble.  This is a high liability business.  They need some general council work and help with good structure.

5.     Savinelli Family – Fantasy fireworks.  Have known them for a while and they have used us a little.  Have finally convinced them to use us more. 

6.     ProAmerica360 – business that are patriotic business (Like an Angie’s list for patriotic business.)  look for assistance with a dispute.

7.     Hash Quarry Acquisition – Bitcoin mining organization looking for more space. We are exploring “Shipping container servers”

o   Jeff A

1.     Regulatory update – there is a lot going on especially because of Ukraine. 

2.     Public company disclosures on climate change

3.     Private funds now being required for audits.

4.     Advanced due diligence for foreign investors

o   Steve W

1.     Financial planning and market corrections.  Market corrections don’t destroy you.  For most people it isn’t a big deal.  However, if you are close to retirement, it can be a big deal.  Diversifying is very important. Having a good foundation is very important and Insurance helps with that.

4.     Administrative Updates

o   SF training update (Michelle, Joelle, Jessica, Payton)

1.     Michelle Shared a copy of the new form that will be on the intranet for Leads.  Please fill this form out and send to Payton for all your new leads.

2.     It is VERY important for you to give your new lead information to Payton in a timely manner, and make sure to send updates as you have them.   We are trying to keep salesforce updated and accurate so that we can run reports at any time and have an accurate picture of what the pipeline is and where any give lead or opportunity is in the process.  The less time spend trying to find out updates, the more time can be spent making money.


o   Chris Marston

1.                    Gave an overview of Leads vs Opportunities / Accounts

o   Steve Monticone –

1.     Flexpertise, make sure to use the consulting wire transfer information rather than the LAW information when sending out contracts

2.     When working on your laptops / computers, It is important that we have the exemplar work partitioned off so that no one else can access it. 

3.     Heading to Houston to see family Thursday to Tuesday,