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Meeting Minutes: January 4, 2022

Team Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday January 4, 2022 

12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST 

Upcoming Growth Plans 

    • Chris –  
      • Investment baking – valiant will be big this year. 
      • Registration of our wealth division 
      • Looking to possibly Partner with client on RTS on private securities market.  

Cross Pollination  

    • (Chris)  Nothing this time spend a lot of time on land deals these last two weeks 

Team Leads Discuss – Leads and Opportunities and Future Events 

    • Katherine 
      • RedSwan Real Estate company – have a lot of back office needs from us.  Will also need some capital. 
      • Crypto metals company- had two calls this week from people who are hearing that we are the ones to talk to about crypto. 
    • Chris 
      • Reflecting on Land Deal Completions 
        1. We closed 2021 out with a great year in land easement 6 different deals got funded this year.  All within the last 30 days of the year. 
        2. Recent court decisions that are positive for the industry.  
        3. Looks like 2022 will be a good year.   Start talking with clients early. 
      • Chris is in Orlando with Mary, she is the head of Law.   
        1. Had lunch with hedge fund manager.  Institutional quality fund.  Have done very well.  Very professional team.   
        2. Met with Zach Winters.  Family owns hotel in Orlando.  Has a hospitality software idea.   
        3. Had two other meetings that were positive.  Both with ties to wellness. 
    • Andy 
      • Recall our successes in conservation easements. We sold 50 million in land deals this year.   Shout out to Sam Kelly and Chris Marston.   
      • We have other deals in the hopper.   
      • Largest land deal we have done.  Bridge deal.  Sports complex in the Detroit area of Michigan.   
      • MDSR – We are working on the purchase of land for a cannabis operation.  Very experienced operators here.  
    • Steve W 
      • Closed a big deal. Great lender.   
      • Estate planning didn’t change too much this year thankfully,  the threat of change is there and has woke people up to taking care of these things now before they change. 

Administrative Updates 

    • Steve M – End of year updates 
      1. We had the best year end we have ever had.  Communication was excellent and it shows. Many thanks to Jessica this year.  Due to your excellent communication this year we only had to work till 6pm, even though this was the busiest end of year with the most information to communication and update.  Thank you to everyone for your great communication. 
      2. We have the 1099 information ready to go.  Will be going to the tax folks by the end of the week.