Meeting Minutes: September 14, 2021

Intro to New Team

    • Welcome! Von Sanborn.
    • Christopher introduced Von.  He is an expert in Global trusts and estates and a tax specialist.  He has a unique set of expertise and has already made a great contribution to the team.

Team Members Highlighted

    • John Huber
    • Mike Roberts – Mike oversees our accounting and tax division.  Specializing in payroll, bookkeeping and CFO services.

Deep Dive on Success

    • Five Flavors Herbs – is a bulk botanical pharmacy that was referred to us 4 years ago and have been on Flexpertise – We have assisted them with CFO, Legal, HR professionals, Employment Law, and Contracts. 

Cross Pollination

    • Gridology – From Flexpertise, to Patent, to Corp Formation, to Lobbying
    • Sweetwater.AI:  Flexpertise – Patent (Hoffberg), Operation/plant (Cripe), Corporate (Chris), Securities (coming soon)
    • Bula Water (Fiji):  Flexpertise  – Regulatory Compliance (Jeff H), Securities Law (Marston/Meyers)

Team Leads

    1. Katherine
      • Flo Ops (Brooke), It is a bit early for this company.  They currently cannot afford our services; however, we have helped to guide them to who can currently assist.  This will help to build future client relationships.
      • Hash Quarry (Chris), We have assisted them with alternatives to dealing with their debt they have acquired.
    2. Chris
      • Beech Tree Labs (new Flex), (Drops Results),
      • Sweet THC,
      • Next NYC/FL Trip
    3. Jeff H- Marketing Updates
      • The September campaign is up and running
      • Working on the capital Deal Page.  This will be an internal list of deals we are currently working on
      • Air table expansion
    4. Andy
      • Latitude 42,
      • Resolys Bio,
      • IHS updates
    5. Steve
      • MKS Services, is a prototype manufacturer.  They are looking for Estate & Insurance assistance. Looking to invest in private equity.

Product or Sales Ideas

    • Katherine gave a great presentation on Debit Capitals and Capital alternatives.  Showing the different types of debt and the services we can provide.

Team Member Recognition 

    • Richard Strauss has been with Exemplar for 15 years and helped to develop the Exemplar Core values 
    • Brooke Rao is pure energy.  She has jumped right in networking in Florida, bringing in new business and we can tell she loves it.
    • Katherine Brand has been with Exemplar for 8 years and is our super solder.  She leads the flexpertise team, is as cool as a cucumber and our clients love her.   She is great at seeing the big picture