Business Astrology For Your Business


Navigate Astrological Weather and Identify Favorable Astrological Conditions for Your Business

AstroLAWger tools and information help you navigate the astrological weather and empower you by identifying favorable astrological conditions that will assist you in reaching your business and career goals.

Receive business guidance based on several distinct astrological arts including:

  • Horary Astrology: Guidance based on current astrological phenomenons
  • Electional Astrology: Questions of when-when should I start a business? Take out a loan? Sell a company? Enter a contract?
  • Locational Astrology: Focuses on specific geographic locations

AstroLAWger tools also include:

  • Natal Charts
  • Moon Calendar
  • House Rulerships
  • Sign Polarities
  • Modalities and Elements


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