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Defend Your Data & Reduce Your Legal Spend with No Hourly Bill. 

Constant and rapid changes in technology, a regular flow of new and stricter laws, and increasing press coverage of data breaches and threats to organizations makes data security among the hardest concerns to keep up with.

 Exemplar Law offers full-spectrum services to identify, address, and respond to statutory, regulatory, contractual, and best-practice information privacy obligations. Our data privacy attorneys can help:

  • identify and anticipate risks and obligations
  • design and implement form-fitting and customized plans and policies
  • proactively develop and implement data incident response procedures
  • and advise on how to respond when you suspect a data incident or breach.

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    Client Testimonials

    What I love about Exemplar is anytime I came to you guys for anything, you always have a resource. At first, I thought Exemplar was just a law firm, however, I learned quickly that is a small proportion of the work you do. You helped us restructure for a sale, you helped us do a deck, you helped straighten our accounting, legal processes, partner issues. Part counsel, part advisor, part legal transaction. I like you guys being a one stop shop where I get everything I want.

    – CFO of a Production Company

    Exemplar’s team has been exceptional. They have guided us through a multitude of complex legal and business transactions. From contracts, setting up our ESOP, corporate structures, holding companies, negotiating investments, lawsuits, trademarks and much more. As a result, we have always had access to the best regardless of our needs, and in a spirit of true partnership and support when it mattered most. Fast, nimble, dedicated, high performance, friendly, and strong.

    – CEO of a Food Manufacturing Company