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Exemplar Companies’ full-service law firm, with more than a hundred years of collective success in helping clients achieve their business goals, provides our clients with the peace of mind and confidence to manage their business and bring dreams into reality.

Experienced, Talented Attorneys on Your Side

Our firm represents a wide range of industry sectors across the United States from startups to Fortune 500 businesses. Our attorneys are masters at seeing the big picture for clients; quickly assessing their needs and crafting successful legal strategies for them to achieve their goals.  

We provide value without compromise, our team of top-tier attorneys enjoy expertise in a wide range of industries; including, but not limited to real estate, telecommunications, energy, life sciences, financial services and capital markets, manufacturing, construction, and hospitality.

value-based pricing

Reduce Your Legal Spend With No Hourly Bill.

Exemplar Law is a firm like no other. Our unique structure allows our attorneys to provide relationships as a service, with only value-based pricing and no hourly billing. Value-based pricing is transforming the legal industry. With value-based pricing, the goal is to pay less for the effort and more for the results. Exemplar Companies was one of the first corporate law firms in American history to abandon the hourly bill over 15 years ago. We prioritize forming genuine relationships with the clients we serve, and genuine relationships do not happen when you bill by the hour.

The result: A true partnership between lawyer and client in defining the best legal strategies to effectively meet the client’s objectives with no financial surprises.

Exemplar’s Professionals Are Skilled in the Rules and Regulations of:

Private Equity Law 

The Exemplar team combines deep legal skills across numerous industries and elite bus s acumen to identify problems and solve them in a sensible and efficient manner. They understand the marketplace and can advise means to take advantage of both current and future events.

Mergers & Acquisitions 

Exemplar’s M&A Lawyers have the experience, intellect, and tenacity to get the job done. In this highly competitive and complex space, creative, can-do mindsets are often what it takes to move a transaction forward to success. 

Capital Markets & Capital Raising 

For more than a decade and throughout a myriad of market conditions, Exemplar law has successfully delivered strategic solutions and provided comprehensive advice on a full range of securities transactions and reporting matters. 

Cyber Security & Data Privacy 

Exemplar’s legal team enjoy a stellar track record in advising clients on the latest developments in cyber security and data privacy law both domestically and internationally, providing counsel to clients on how to comply with state, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, and assisting clients in responding to data breaches and representing clients in information security and privacy litigation. 

SEC Reporting & Compliance 

Our team advises on the full range of matters involving securities offerings and compliance and disclosure matters under the Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as the related SEC rules and the listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Market, and other stock markets. 

Corporate Law 

Exemplar Law represents businesses of all sizes across numerous different industries, including securities, cannabis, telecommunications, sports, manufacturing, technology, biotech, health and wellness, and more. We offer customized solutions to businesses with no hourly billing.

Intellectual Property 

Exemplar’s team of skilled lawyers offer strategic counsel to clients concerning every aspect of intellectual property. This includes securing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets 

Corporate Governance

Exemplar’s legal team advises clients on the Roles and Structures in Corporate Governance, the Fiduciary Duties of Directors and Officers, Criminal Liability in the Organizational Setting and the Facilitating of Internal and Grand Jury Investigations.

Decentralized Finance &Cryptocurrency

The increasing use of cryptocurrencies has given rise to complex legal issues. Exemplar Companies offers sophisticated counsel to DeFi developers, startups, platforms and users.


Exemplar’s Entertainment & Media Division represents content creators, producers and ar8sts in film, television, video games and new media as well as financiers, distributors and aggregators. Our attorneys and other professionals in the entertainment industry are seasoned and steeped in the culture of packaging, development and deal-making so crucial to successful startups and going concern film and television enterprises.

Government Relations

With more than 30 years’ experience in government affairs, the experts in Exemplar’s legal department bring a keen understanding of every aspect of the legislative and regulatory arena, from negotiating policy language and securing Federal funding to assisting with business development opportunities and monitoring legislation.

Private Client/ Family Office

We offer clients a cost-effective way to coordinate the multiple disciplines involved in managing a complex financial structure. We work with families whose level of wealth requires sophisticated planning techniques, consolidated investment performance reporting, and flexible financial information systems and reporting.

Tax Strategy & Benefits

Exemplar delivers timely and efficient solutions to help businesses in the design and implementation of innovative tax solutions to deliver long-term creation of value.

Trusts & Estates

Proper planning is required to protect the future of a family’s legacy and their assets. Exemplar helps families craft legal strategies designed to protect and pass on wealth while minimizing future legal action through wills, trusts, private foundations, charitable planning, transfer of taxes and more.

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