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About Exemplar

Exemplar Companies, Inc. is an integrated law, tax, capital and strategy professional services firm. With value based pricing and no hourly billing, Exemplar provides clients with relationship as a service. Exemplar holistically represents revolutionaries, game changers and impact businesses across nine offices nationwide.

Your Dream Job Application

We would like to know your experience, your strength, your passion, your values, why you’re interested in Exemplar and how you can help Exemplar. So please layout the key points about the below questions in your cover letter.

What are your strengths?

Please highlight the skills that you enjoy using most, and the ones you’re a superstar at. This is about your dream job, so don’t shy away from mentioning any that you want to grow as well.

What are your passionate about?

Think big picture for this. What drew you to your industry? What is it about your career that keeps you engaged? It’s perfectly fine to mention an interest that doesn’t seem job-related. We would like to know you, your life outside of work and what makes you happy.

What are your values?

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They determine your priorities, and deep down, they’re properly the measures you use to tell if your work is meaningful and your life is turning out the way you want it to.

Why are you interested in Exemplar?

We would like to learn your perspectives and motivation to join Exemplar.

How can you help Exemplar succeed?

Please help us understand your action plan to make an impact and contribute to the success of Exemplar.


Your turn to WOW us! Become part of our fast growing and forward-thinking team!

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Contractor Full Time Part Time
Boston MA California Chicago IL New York City NY Remote United States
Contractor Part Time
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Job Category: BizDev Capital Consultanting Law Support Tax and Accounting
Job Type: Contractor
Job Location: Remote United States
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