Michael Minkasian is an experienced business owner and entrepreneur. He recently created True North Laboratory LLC, which is a full service medical marijuana Testing Laboratory with locations in Michigan and California. True North Laboratory provides comprehensive potency and safety testing services using the most advanced methods and procedures to ensure that the needs of our clients are met.


Mr. Minkasian spent 25 years in the advertising industry before entering the Cannabis industry in 2017 through a friend. He took his advertising and marketing experience and analyzed the cannabis industry from being a manufacturer, distributor, lab, retailer, home delivery and cultivator. He decided that owning a Cannabis lab made the most sense, since every product must go through a lab. Additionally, the demand for labs is going to grow exponentially due to the legalization of marijuana across many states. His impressive experience in advertising and marketing combined with his industry knowledge of cannabis make him an inspirational expert and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.


Tune into Episode 9 for further insight:


  • How legalization triggered the need for labs
  • How the cannabis lab business works
  • The goals of advertising in 2020
  • His perspective on President Trump & Chaos
  • Insight into Rioters, Looters and BLM


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