Ise Lyfe, CEO of of Lyfe Productives, is a spoken word and hip-hop artist as well as an entrepreneur, educator, community organizer, and activist in California. Lyfe Productives has been operating for 16 years as a social marketing and education firm focused on product development. Their goal is to engage great products and programs with deserving audiences seeking alternatives to mundane, underdeveloped, or harmful options that currently exist. Ise Lyfe has taken on some big clients, including Comedy Central, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Deloitte, the National Fair Housing Online, Prosperity Now, and more.

Tune in to the full episode on our Youtube Channel for insights into:

  • Childhood in Oakland, California
  • The music industry
  • Finding undiscovered markets
  • Authenticity in leadership
  • Ise’s key takeaways from 16 years of being a business owner


Sound Bytes:

2:25-3:05- Changing culture in Night Clubs

3:42- 3:58- Malt Liquor marketing- how its a lie

4:24- 4:52- How he got into his career

8:18- 8:30- Authenticity

8:32- 8:58- Values of Ise Life

10:50-11:30- His Views of LA

17:38- 17:54- Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

20:48- 21:15- finding value in undiscovered markets.

21:31- 22:00- Brands he has worked with.

22:04- 23:18- Helping companies discover markets that are diverse.

25:24- 25:58: How people changed the world in 12 years.

32:20- 32:55: Is Race political?

35:50- 36:52- Gray area in politics and business

38:44- 39:35: Authenticity in leadership

51:30- 52:33- Takeaways of 16 years in business

1:02:22- 1:03:10- Normalization of fathers not being there should be stigmatized.

1:06:40-1:07:06: How his childhood influenced him now.




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