Christopher Lai, CEO, from Marquis Beverages joins host Christopher Marston in Episode 5 of CEO’s Gets Real. Marquis Beverages was incorporated 10 years ago with a mission to provide a healthy energy drink option with a responsible amount of caffeine and a great taste. There was a void in the beverages industry of an energy drink that was healthy, with reasonable caffeine, and tasted great which is when they decided to act on the opportunity and create Marquis Beverages. Christopher Lai works with his brother-in-law, who has considerable experience and an impressive background in branding and merchandising.


Overcoming Challenges in Business

“There’s a lot of challenges, and I feel like it evolves every month and every quarter. I can’t even dream what it would be like to not have any challenges. That’s never happened, as easy as its looked, that’s not what happens behind the scenes. There is a lot of consumer education, retail execution, brand awareness & brand recognition, and standing out through all the noise in the market.”


What Keeps Christopher Lai Going During Challenge

“I have ups and downs, several times an hour. There are a lot of operational problems, revenue vs expenses, distribution problems, printing problems, nothing works the way you think it will. When I see consumers buy, drink, enjoy, and talk about my product, that’s enough, and my customers keep me going.”


Exemplar Companies & Marquis Beverages

“We’ve been talking to your team for years now, and I feel like I’m not alone. You’ve seen our growth and development, and it’s not over. The journey is great, I’m learning a lot, and I’m impacting a lot of people, and that’s what keeps me going.” – Christopher Lai

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You started your business with your brother in law:

I’ve known my brother in law since I was 14,

When you started the company, it was almost a decade ago.

My brother in law knew a lot about branding and merchandising

12: 50 We saw a void in the beverage industry, we also saw an opportunity

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