Corey Mack founded LAFORGE Optical with the mission of developing the ‘missing link’ in Augmented Reality. He uses his engineering and design background to seamlessly integrate electronics and precision optics into a stylish and minimal form-factor. His company’s digital eyewear is the first to fully integrate a virtual display into a prescription lens for an AR application. Together with his team in the US, UK, Korea, Thailand, and Italy his company has created the world’s lightest augmented reality platform at a mere 27 grams.

Episode 13 features interesting insight and perspective from the accomplished entrepreneur including:

• Inspiration behind the Company
• How to find your happy
• The difference between Laforge Optical and Competitors like Google Glass
• How the Pandemic Inspired him to enter into a new business
• The Future of Augmented Reality
• Censorship and Social Media
• The Need for National Policing Standards

And more!

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