Syed Gilani is the CEO and President of Safr, ridesharing startup focused on women empowerment. He is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience in North American, Asian, Middle Eastern and European markets. He has started and led many successful ventures over more than two decades of his journey in the business world. A Harvard graduate, Syed Gilani was awarded as one of the outstanding Asian American Business Leaders in the United States. Syed is also actively involved in many social causes including economic empowerment, social justice and business leadership. He is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship and regularly coaches young entrepreneurs across the world. 


Tune into Episode 12 to see how Syed is making a positive impact on the world, as he believes in empowering women and creating an equal playing field for all genders. Additionally, Episode 12 features insight into: 


  • The New ride-share company focused on empowering women
  • Insight into why the spiritual element of life is important
  • How culture impacts success
  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • The rising importance of nationalism
  • Global consciousness on environmental impacts
  • Why people, not government, are responsible for changing the world

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