Dr. H. Ron Hulnick is recognized as a pioneer and worldwide leader in the field of Spiritual Psychology. Together with his wife, Dr. Mary R. Hulnick, he serves as the University of Santa Monica’s Founding Faculty and Co-Director, designing the University’s extraordinary curriculum and facilitating Programs in Spiritual Psychology where the hallmarks of the educational process are characterized as experiential, engaging, relevant, meaningful, supportive, inspiring, practical, nurturing, and, ultimately, transformational. 

With his characteristic wit, humor, and clarity, Ron is known for his masterful ability to convey Spiritual concepts as practical life lessons that can be easily understood and integrated by students.

Tune into Episode 11 with Dr. Ron Hulnick and Host Christopher Marston for dynamic perspective on spiritual psychology, and more including: 

  • Dealing with Conflict in Everyday Life
  • Challenges he’s Had as a Nonprofit
  • Understanding Judgement and How to Purge Negativity
  • The Joke of Being “Woke”
  • Business Advice from a Psychologist

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