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As an individual’s wealth expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to make well-informed, confident financial decisions that recognize affluence and weigh the impact across personal, family, business, and charitable goals. Exemplar’s team assembles a fully integrated, in-house team for each client to develop strategies for the complex economic demands that accompany growing wealth. Serving as your Personal CFO, and most trusted advisor, we help you set and implement clear goals aligned with your needs, values, and objectives.

In the complex area of financial services, Exemplar understands the challenge of differentiating between advisors, as many are biased towards certain products or strategies. The commoditization of most financial products and services makes determining an advisor’s true value an increasingly difficult task.

Exemplar’s team of experts start with the presumption that prospective clients are currently working with top advisors and are receiving good advice and service. However, after a comprehensive review of an individual’s financial plans, we frequently discover gaps in their current arrangements. The holistic structure of our services allows us to identify issues that are not transparent and often overlooked by traditional advisors. At Exemplar, we understand that it takes a trusted relationship and exceptional skill to appreciate the true goals of our clients and what is genuinely important in the long term. We ask questions that clients have never been asked by their financial advisors.



We Offer a Full Suite of Financial Services

Personal CFO Services

Exemplar specializes in developing coordinated strategies and customized, tax-efficient strategies for financially successful individuals and families

Wealth Planning

Experienced advisors employ a comprehensive planning process built on a foundation of ongoing contact and open communication—including regularly scheduled reviews.

Tax Strategy

Proactive tax planning that’s integrated with your broader financial plan.


Estate Planning

Legacy, tax, and trust services focused on generational wealth transfer.


Investment Management

Asset allocation, financial statement analysis, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments, and portfolio strategy and implementation.

Insurance Services

Protecting yourself, your family and your business is a fundamental aspect of strategic investing and wealth planning.


Executive Benefits

It’s essential to provide non-qualified benefits for the key executives within your organization who provide the leadership and innovation necessary to achieve growth and success.

Business Succession Planning

Design and implement a plan for passing control of your business to others.


Retirement Income Planning

Determine retirement income goals, risk tolerance, and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.


Trust Services

Create and administer various types of trusts, from simple living trusts to complicated tax-driven estate planning vehicles.


Family Governance

Comprehensive planning for your family and the generations that follow.


Charitable Giving

Develop well developed and impactful charitable giving strategies that are strategically aligned with your overall goals and financial plans.


Learn more about our approach and the resulting analysis and reports available through our team. We can support both the client and or their trusted advisors make educated decisions on their behalf amongst some of the most important aspects of their lives.



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