Financial Controller Services

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Financial Controller Services

Get the expert financial guidance your business needs to accelerate growth with Exemplar’s financial controller services. A financial controller can be a strategic asset that provides a long-term vision for your business based on comprehensive regulatory knowledge, complex financial data, and confident internal/external representation.

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Exemplar’s Financial Controllers Help Navigate Cash Flow

According to Business Insider, 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. Even a profitable firm can find themselves in troubling water if it can’t collect enough cash to fund operations. When business leaders have no strategy or plan in place for handling a cash flow , crisis can occur. An Exemplar financial controller can help: 

  1. Understand working capital
  2. Accelerate your receivables
  3. Negotiate your payables
  4. Consider borrowing options
  5. Slash receivables

Your Business Should Seriously Consider a Financial Controller If…

All businesses need financial oversight, but many business owners choose to tackle this task on their own to try to save money or keep a hands-on approach to managing the business. However, you should consider hiring an outsourced financial controller if:

  • You are growing rapidly and are uncertain of the financial effect of certain business decisions (buying a new facility, exploring a new revenue stream for the business, etc.).
  • You want accurate and timely information on the financial condition of your company.
  • You are spending too much time on accounting functions when you’d prefer to be focusing on business development.
  • You want to ensure you are in full tax compliance – state, local and federal.
  • You have large amounts of inventory and receivables that need to be managed with both an accounts payable and accounts receivable person, respectively.
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