Exemplar Capital:
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Investment Banking

Member, FINRA and SIPC
Registered in 47 States

Exemplar Capital, LLC is a licensed broker-dealer and a Member of FINRA.

Investors may review the compliance record of Exemplar Capital, LLC as well as any of its Registered Representatives at FINRA BROKER CHECK.

Exemplar Capital is also a Member of SIPC. Explanatory brochure is available at www.sipc.org.  


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Restructuring, Pre-Pack and Bankruptcy

Private Placements

Company Valuation & Fairness Opinions

Intellectual Property Assessment

Sectoral Strengths

Commercial Real Estate

Fintech, Including Blockchain and Tokenization

Biotech; Medical Devices; Health Services

Sustainable Industrial and Agricultural Processes

Precious Minerals Extraction

We focus on disrupters, visionaries, game-changers, scientific breakthroughs, first movers—and we normally seek at-the-money warrants (no intrinsic value) as part of our compensation.

Our integration with Exemplar Law, Exemplar Tax & Accounting, and Exemplar Strategy allows for unmatched multi-disciplinary and holistic service.

Rich resources in data science, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, machine learning.

Project and/or success-based pricing, never hourly billing.

Each practice area head enjoys at least one decade of relevant deal-making experience.

Ideal of the “quad bottom line” = profit + societal benefit + benefit to nature + spiritual benefit.

Savvy in patents, trademarks and licensing.

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Our Locations

Boston, MA-HQ

Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction
10 Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109
Phone - 617-542-7400

Tampa, FL

Office of Exemplar Tax & Accounting
100 Ashley Dr S #600 Tampa, FL 33602
Phone - 800-314-0653

Silicon Valley / San Jose, CA

Office of Exemplar Companies
1046 W Taylor St # 200 San Jose, CA 95126
Phone - 617-542-7400

New York, NY

Office of Exemplar Companies
394 Broadway New York, NY 10013
Phone - 617-542-7400

Detroit, MI

Office of Exemplar Tax & Accounting
1420 Washington Blvd Detroit, MI 48226
Phone - 800-314-0653

Los Angeles / Santa Monica, CA

Office of Exemplar Companies
100 Wilshire Blvd Suite 700 Santa Monica, CA. 90401
Phone - 617-542-7400

Chicago, IL

Office of Exemplar Companies
1900 E. Golf Road, Suite 950, Schaumburg, Illinois 60089
Phone - 617-542-7400

Denver, CO

Office of Exemplar Tax & Accounting
100 Fillmore St Denver, CO 80206
Phone - 800-314-0653

Gilbert, AZ

Office of Exemplar Tax & Accounting
2200 E Williams Field Rd Suite 200 Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone - 800-314-0653

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Andrew J Szabo, CFA
Andrew J Szabo, CFA
Managing Director, Exemplar Capital, LLC