Due Diligence


Exemplars due diligence services furnishes sponsor-level and deal-level due diligence opinions and serves as a reviewer of due diligence opinions prepared by other firms. Our team is comprised of consultants, investment bankers, attorneys, and advisors with a minimum of ten years of experience in securities, consulting, and investment banking. Our experience enables us to provide clients with invaluable guidance along with an unparalleled opinion as to the viability of an offering.  


Due to the diverse array of internal and external subject matter experts, our industry specializations are broad and include nearly every asset class, to include multifamily, retail, office, assisted living real estate, oil and gas, hospitality, and other asset classes. We are one of the few diligence firms in the country with this level of experience. In addition, our reports provide not only simple facts and figures, but we provide actual guidance as to the ranges of acceptable risk of an offering based upon our years of experience. 


Our Report Content: 

Our reports are written to provide broker dealers and registered investment advisors with clear indications of the level of risk involved with a sponsor or selling its offering. How do we do this? 

  • Team Approach: We utilize a team approach to providing due diligence analysis and report. 
  • Our team is comprised of at least one veteran securities lawyer who has been practicing securities law actively for the last decade (not simply as a staff member of a due diligence firm), a current or former investment banker who has been involved in underwriting deals, and an asset specialist who is an expert in the asset class that a sponsor is selling. 
  • Opinions Not Just Facts: While facts are valuable, we believe that opinions provide substantial value. Our reports do not simply provide facts because we believe that our clients are seeking advice and opinions. 
  • Reports Analyzing the Competence of the Sponsor: Sponsors are evaluated based on their industry experience, the performance of other deals, the backgrounds of the principals, the systems used to manage offerings, and the credibility of the sponsor overall. 
  • Reports Analyzing the Strength of the Sponsor’ Deal: Deal analysis is conducted using the above-described team approach, and our team of experts is able to consider the strengths of the company, the proposed asset(s), the viability of the market(s), the exit strategy, and the pricing of the offering. 
  • Independent Reviews of Other Due Diligence Reports: Our firm also provides independent reviews of other due diligence provider’s reports. That is, frequently broker dealers receive sponsor and deal reports from two or more due diligence providers. Our firm is able to summarize and compare and contrast the results of these reports and make recommendations based upon the information in these reports. 


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