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Data Privacy Overview

Protection of the security and privacy of information and data presents an ongoing and growing challenge to individuals, businesses, and enterprises of all sizes. The collection, retention, use and protection of personally identifiable or confidential information, including customer data, medical records, employee records and proprietary corporate information, is an extremely complex and rapidly changing area of the law.

Exemplar’s data privacy lawyers have extensive experience are are recognized as industry leaders in data privacy and cyber security. Our privacy attorneys  are well equipped to counsel clients on the latest developments in privacy and data security law, advise clients in responding to data breaches and represent clients in information security and privacy litigation.

Our Experience

Exemplar Law’s team of data privacy lawyers offer full-spectrum services to identify, address, and respond to statutory, regulatory, contractual, and best-practice information privacy obligations.

Exemplar’s approach to data protection brings together security and privacy attorneys with colleagues from our core practice groups and sector and service teams to tailor our services to each client’s unique data, privacy and security needs.

Why Is Data Privacy Important?

How companies collect, use, and share personal data, how secure their data systems are, and how transparent they are about their data privacy and security practices, are popular public and legal issues. With several high-profile data breaches and data mining scandals, online privacy is a hot topic among legislatures, government regulators, consumer advocacy groups, and industry leaders.

Companies need to be vigilant about their data privacy and security policies and practices. Government agencies and private groups are policing those practices to monitor whether companies are complying with their own policies and promises and maintaining industry standards on data security. Increasing enforcement actions and private lawsuits have compelled companies to better vet their data collection and usage practices, engage experienced legal counsel and outside privacy vendors, and ensure their practices match their public-facing policies.

Reduce Your Legal Spend With No Hourly Bill.

Getting good legal advice for your business shouldn’t be painful. Exemplar’s data privacy lawyers are here to help your business thrive. That means taking the time to get to know you and your business, to understand your unique circumstances, challenges and goals. Exemplars unique structure allows our attorneys to provide relationships as a service, with only value-based pricing and no hourly billing.

Value-based pricing is transforming the legal industry. With value based pricing, the goal is to pay less for the effort and more for the results. Exemplar Companies was one of the first business law firms in American History to abandon the hourly bill over 15 years ago. We prioritize forming genuine relationships with the clients we serve, and genuine relationships don’t happen when you bill by the hour.

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Exemplar Key Accomplishments

Exemplar represented an electronic voting tech company in an appeal to the State of Alaska’s procurement department for their choice of vendors for their state election

Law    Strategy

Exemplar represented the Royal Family of Thailand in the building of the largest Buddhist Temple in America and completed the immigration work for 40+ religious iconography to complete the building

Law     Strategy

Exemplar successfully represented the touring production Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, in a high profile litigation over the Sony grand rights to the production

Law     Strategy   Tax & Accounting

Exemplar completed a $150Mil M&A of a energy power plant that was converting to renewable energy

Law     Strategy   Capital

Exemplar represents some of America’s most iconic family offices in land acquisitions, M&A, and Private Placements

Law   Strategy  Capital   Tax & Accounting

Exemplar represents a $40Mil publicly traded food manufacturer in a complex restructuring following a listeria scare, including corporate, litigation, tax, and capital markets work

Law   Strategy   Capital   Tax & Accounting

Exemplar setup and represents a number of impact investment funds investing across industries

Law   Strategy   Capital   Tax & Accounting

Exemplar manages the patent portfolio of one of the largest Solar companies in America

Law   Strategy  Tax & Accounting

Exemplar raised $20Mil from GE Capital for a leading publicly traded (NYSE) biologics company

Law   Strategy  Tax & Accounting

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