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The Human Beauty Movement

About The HBM

Our clients set the world alight with their passion, commitment and integrity, and The Human Beauty Movement, PBC is certainly no exception. With its mission to foster radical inclusion, holistic wellness and environmental sustainability, The HBM has emerged as an exciting industry disruptor identified as the one that will turn the face of beauty inside-out. The HBM is a purpose-driven, woman/minority-owned company founded in March 2019 by executive-turned-entrepreneur, Jennifer Norman.


About The Founder

Jennifer spent 20+ years in the beauty industry working with names like L’Oreál, Neutrogena, Stila Cosmetics and The Honest Company. With management experience across cosmetics, skincare, haircare, hair color, natural topicals and ingestibles, she is recognized as one of the most strategic and creative minds in the business. Today, Jennifer is a respected public speaker, award-winning author, and conscious mentor focusing on topics of diversity, inclusion and holistic wellness.

During her career, Jennifer became privy to many highs and lows of beauty industry practices. Far too often, she witnessed management decisions that valued profits and short-term gains over people, safety and honesty. She decided it was time to start her own business that would truly put humanity first.

According to Jennifer, the global beauty industry needs a wakeup call. Too many people still suffer from low self-esteem. Too many products still contain harmful ingredients. Too many natural resources are still wasted in production. Too many people still feel marginalized, underrepresented, prejudiced and discriminated against. The HBM was established to embody the heart and soul of beauty in an industry that has historically only represented the superficial.

Good Business

In recognition of its commitment to the highest social and environmental standards, The HBM was awarded Certified B Corporation status in July 2020. It is also a member of the Social Alliance Enterprise. In August 2020, the company launched its first all-natural, eco-ethical skincare brand, Humanist Beauty. The brand’s first product, the Herban Wisdom™ Facial Oil, just won New Hope Network’s NEXTY Award for BEST NEW PERSONAL CARE OR BEAUTY PRODUCT.

Good Relationships

The HBM began working with Exemplar in August 2019. “I knew from the beginning that I wanted to start my business as a solo founder to keep my vision as pure as possible, but I knew I couldn’t do it all alone,” Jennifer Norman shares. “When Chris Marston introduced me to Exemplar and its Flexpertise program, I feel like my prayers were answered. Exemplar provides me a management mentor plus access to the business, tech, legal and capital prep experts I need for solid foundational support. I feel confident that my business is well prepared for growth with Exemplar by my side.”

Flexpertise Service

A management mentor

Access to the business, tech, legal, tax and capital experts

Solid foundational support

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