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“What I love about being at Exemplar is the possibility to convene with professionals across disciplines with a unified vision to live our purpose serving our nationwide community of game-changers and revolutionaries. Having the economic power to care and serve holistically is a game-changer and allows me to put my unique set of skills to work in every situation – creating better outcomes for those we serve.”

“Love that everyone has the Entrepreneurial can do attitude. Love how my colleagues have the expertise to get the job done and done correctly. We are constantly looking for the next challenge that will make Exemplar better in all ways.”

“What I love about being at Exemplar is the shared values among our team, clients, and connectors. Being at a company that at the core is focused on what is best for the client through the lens of strategic vision and execution with capital, law, finance, and tax incorporated as part of the whole is amazing. It makes me love going to work each day. How lucky am I?”

“I love the structure of Exemplar, which allows us to bring our savvy law, accounting, consulting and investment banking professionals to the client’s table for especially fruitful meetings and deal-making. Clients highly value our practice of project pricing, not hourly billing. I also love the innovative and inclusive atmosphere at Exemplar, while embracing the humanistic and environmental values embedded in our work culture.”

“Exemplar provides access to professionals across a breath of disciplines who share a unified vision to serve our client community in a wholistic manner while upholding our values. Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver excellent customer service.”

“To design and implement many of the planning needs and goals of clients, professionals must come together and work on a comprehensive plan that can only come from a team approach such as what Exemplar offers its clients. If you appreciate our project pricing value model, our holistic and interdisciplinary approach, and having access to analysts and deal-makers with decades of experience, then we would love to have a chance to serve you.”

“When I joined the team at Exemplar, I realized I had a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work alongside a diverse group of talented professionals within a company that believed in upholding strong values. Exemplar values their employees as well as social, environmental, spiritual, and financial factors which make it a really awesome company to work for. Our team’s collective knowledge and experience paired with strong values can make a difference in the world around us, every day.”

“Since I began at Exemplar in 2005, I’ve found that the Spiritual bottom-line of its Quad-bottom line (Social, Environmental, Financial and Spiritual) is what floats my boat. I would explain it as a “Happiness Factor” that permeates from within the organization to without, its Customers. Keeps me coming back every time!”

“I love that the people are different. They are upbeat, highly professional, apolitical, and they aren’t simply narrow focused/ limited thinking professionals. All of us are forced to think outside the box every day, and this is why we are one of the firms in the US today that can be considered “fixers” of corporate and securities challenges.”

“Knowing I’m a member of a team whom I respect for their professional skills as well as their embrace of the higher virtues. Supporting entrepreneurs and businesses dedicated to manifesting visions that are divinely inspired.:

“It is my pleasure to provide my legal mind and muscle to such a diverse, accomplished, well-organized, and sophisticated group of like-minded individuals with a demonstrable zeal for what they do and commitment to their clientele."

“I love working with a team that constantly challenges me to grow in my career and think “outside the box.” I feel lucky to be surrounded by such an extraordinary group of professionals that are committed to upholding shared values each and every day."

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“Having your dream job means you think you have the greatest job in the world – not just any job, but the best one.” This is a quote from Joel Peterson, Chairman of JetBlue Airways. He also writes in his Linkedin Post: “If you’re planning out your future, you’re not likely to be satisfied with a series of jobs that merely keeps food on the table. Instead, turn your progression of jobs and assignments into a career that creates relationship, promotes learning and makes difference.”

We all have our own definition of “Dream Job”. Some think it’s about earning a fat paycheck or being offered great benefits; others believe it involves having great work-life balance, the ability to make an impact, a chance to make the world a better place, or representing and serving revolutionaries and game changers. 


While you might define what a “dream job’ means to you, have you actually found one? It’s never too late to begin your journey to find your dream job, and it’s time for you to make a change in your life, develop and grow. It’s so important to work with something that you love to do. You deserve this! We care and we would like to learn about who you are, what your dream job is and how you can contribute to Exemplar’s success. Tell us more!

Dream Job

The Selection Process After Submitting Job Application


  1. Resume Screening: In about two weeks after you submit your job application, our recruiting team will review your application. If we are interested further learning your background and qualification, we will reach out and move forward along this process.
  2. Initial Screening: This is the first stage of the interview process. Initial interview typically begin with phone calls with our recruiting team. Initial screening determines if applicants possess the requisite qualifications to fill the position and align with an organization’s culture and values.
  3. Interviews:
    • One-on-on interviews between the applicants and the hiring manager. The conversations typically focus on applicants’ experience, skills, work history, and availability.
    • Additional interviews with management, staff, executives, and other members, which can be either one-on-one or group interviews with hiring committee. Additional interviews are more in-depth; for example, in interviews between a candidate and multiple members of the hiring team interviewer, each member of the hiring team focuses on a specific topic or aspect of the job to avoid redundancy and ensure an in-depth conversation about the role and the candidates qualifications and experience.



Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

Exemplar has an unwavering commitment to diversity with the goal that every one of our team members has a full sense of belonging within our organization. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values. Our rich diversity and unique perspectives makes us more innovative and more creative, which helps us better serve our clients and our communities.


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