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You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into your business. Sadly, one emergency, crisis, or disaster could have devastating effects on the business you’ve worked so hard to build. The Exemplar Business Emergency Team guarantees a quick response and swift action to your business emergency within 24 hours. Our professional team will guide you through difficult times and get your business back on track.

Business Diagnosis


Business Diagnosis is a backwards working process to identify the root cause of a problem or an unsatisfactory performance. Instead of placing a band-aid over the issue for short-term results, our team will dive deeper and identify the root cause of the problem which will provide long-term solutions. Exemplar’s Triage Team (General Business Expert) will assess the health status of the business to determine which areas are most important to your business, which areas need improvement, assess reasons for underperformance, etc.

Response Strategies


Based on the results of the business diagnosis, Exemplar SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) from Legal, Capital, Strategy, and Tax will become involved and focus on the underperformance areas and pain points that the Triage Nurse identified. With years of experience in all areas of business operation and management, SMEs at Exemplar can provide professional advice and recommendations that will help sustain operations to arrive at sufficient results.

Recovery Strategies


After the event has been contained and stabilized, our team will focus on the necessary steps towards recovery. Recovery strategies will assist in leading your business back on a path to success. Exemplar’s SMEs will assist your company in stabilizing finance and other business operations to restore your company’s viability, profitability, and credibility. Our professional team will also develop and execute restructuring plans and advise on every aspect from strategic direction to liquidity management, to business plan development.

Prevention Strategies


While your business is recovering from the emergency, detail any actions that need to take place as a preventative measure. Exemplar SMEs will lead multiple objective after-action-reviews (AAR) from all prospects to learn from past mistakes, determine what worked and what didn’t to help refine the ability to predict what will work and what won’t in the future. Most importantly, we want to prevent a similar emergency from happening again.




Respond and Act within 24 hours


Free Business Diagnosis


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Areas that We Can Help

Exemplar advisory professionals help businesses overcome dilemmas by providing expert advice, assisting in defining business initiatives, recognizing growth opportunities, and executing transformational business endeavors.



Address Supply Chain issues

Negotiate Rent Abatements

Obtain Forbearance Agreements and negotiate down debts

Address Customer Delivery issues, chargebacks

Negotiate Covenants with existing lenders

Strategy & Financing


Discuss financing strategies

Access SBA Funding and Explore Financing Programs available, limitations, caps, and qualifications

We can help you obtain financing, including underwriting support, lender selection, advocacy, negotiation, and closing

Optimize loan restructuring with former bankers who have institutional knowledge to help with extending or modifying terms and conditions

Address Customer Delivery issues, chargebacks

Capital & Restructuring


Dealing with current shareholders and stakeholders

Operational and structural changes to adapt and thrive

Contingency Planning, Partnerships

Private Equity Markets and the current market temperature

Tax and Accounting


Tax filing and deadline deferrals

How to handle deferred revenue, chargebacks, and the account of shipping delays

Accounting-related qualifications for business relief

Business Diagnosis

Working one-on-one with our Triage Team (General Business Expert) to:

Identify the key problem areas of your business

Unpack reasons for unsatisfactory performance

Make the appropriate links between causes and effects

Utilize various diagnosis methods such as data-driven analysis, data collection methods, and in-depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders, etc.

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Response Strategies

Collaborate with our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) from Legal, Capital, Strategy, and Tax to:

Conduct a review of your overall strategic position and overall performance

Provide recommendations with a detailed action plan on how to reduce the impact of undesirable performance

Offer optimal operational and financial solutions to achieve increased profits through our SME’s in-depth industry knowledge

Review financial statements and analyze business profit or loss as well as diagnose factors that influence profit or loss

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Recovery Strategies

In this phase, Exemplar SMEs team will further help you:

Evaluate current strategies and conduct an assessment of your success

Assist on formulating your marketing and production objectives

Assist management by clearly defining business ideas and target segments

Perform strategy verification by taking into account various factors

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Prevention Strategies

Exemplar will be able to assist you to define prevention strategies:

Identify critical business functions

Make a liquidity plan

Improve operational processes and procedures

Operational restructuring, including cost optimization and cost reduction strategies

Develop/review cost reduction initiatives and execution milestones

Make a risk management plan

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