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All You Need is One Team

​Exemplar’s Flexpertise® process is a radical shift in how professional business consulting services are delivered. Typically, professional services are provided individually and in a silo, which guarantees lack of communication, inefficiencies and wasted resources. The billable hour is also the standard and has led to professional services relationships being less efficient.

That is where Exemplar comes in. Flexpertise® is an entirely new way to think about professional services. You’re paying for a relationship, not a transaction.  There is no hourly bill, we provide unlimited proactive advice and guidance for a set, value-based price. Service and knowledge are our product through a consistent point of contact that is part of your team. You also receive business consulting guidance across tax, law, strategy and capital. Flexpertise® allows you to focus on the right things at the right time, without having to spend time and money bringing multiple business advisors up to speed.  We help you navigate the issues of the week while focusing on the goals of the month.

Flexpertise® goes back to the fundamental principle of relationships and the premise that caring changes the outcome. What we invest in our clients with Flexpertise® includes:

  • Unlimited proactive guidance and advice
  • Weekly, monthly and/or quarterly proactive meetings
  • Business strategy development and ongoing review of goals
  • Catalysts for your continued growth
    • Social capital
    • Joint ventures and deals
    • Access to other customers

Don’t keep spending your time with the old model of professional services.


Our Experience


Private Placements

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Intellectual Property Assessment 

Restructuring Pre-pack and Bankruptcy 

Company Valuation & Fairness Opinions

Insurance Services and Financial Consulting

Estate Planning

Employee Benefits

Business Continuation Planning

Financial Planning with Flexpertise®

Executive Retention and Compensation



Business Strategy

Financial Planning 

Coaching and Mentorship

Strategic Capital Planning

Sales/Marketing Assessment/Planning

New and Established Product Strategy



Intellectual Property

Corporate Governance

Mergers & Acquisitions

General Corporate Matters

SEC Reporting and Compliance

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Capital Markets and Capital Raising



Regulatory Remediation

AML & Compliance Technology

FinTech & Digital Transformation

Regulatory Change Management

Compliance Monitoring & Testing

Policies & Procedures Development

Co-Sourcing & Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourced Compliance Professionals

Outsourced Chief Compliance Officers

Compliance Reporting & Regulatory Filings

Strategy, Risk Assessment & Board Reporting

Tax & Accounting



CFO Services

Payroll Services

Business Valuation

Financial Controller 

Business Accounting

Real Estate Accounting

Tax Preparation & Assistance 

Business Health Assessment

Identify blind spots and growth opportunities with our business health assessment

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