Suren M. Seron

Director of Digital Strategy, Exemplar Consulting, LLC

Exemplar Consulting, Inc.

  • Strategic planning, tokenomics, whitepaper, advisory roles, marketing and capital raises for ICO clients.
  • Accelerator placement for young innovative companies and startups.
  • Investor relations and capital management / provisioning into diversified ICO investments through the Exemplar ICO fund.
  • Project management for a wide variety of Exemplar consulting projects. Digital, social, and SEO strategy and technology development and advisement.

BA, USC School of Cinematic Arts

I take care of cats and find bugs for Google.

Husband, avid platform videogamer, developer, and chef. Escape room escapee.

Exemplar represents a dream of a fully integrated knowledge firm combing all major business and banking disciplines under one roof. After many years of trial and refinement, I feel the current Exemplar team represents the culmination of Christopher’s vision for a group of amazing and talented professionals sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience across fields to fulfill any request and need a professional client could ever have. It is both a challenge and a joy to work on so many diverse projects every day.

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