Stephen Meyer

Capital Markets Advisor, Exemplar Capital, LLC

Exemplar Consulting, Inc.

At Exemplar I work as part of a team that helps clients to operationalize business building through our outcome oriented methodology, generating an order of magnitude difference in velocity along with a step function lift in non-organic revenue growth, separating our clients from their competitors. Exemplar’s unique predictive analytics global platform and applied data science driven approach transcends all previous expected outcomes, providing corporations unprecedented access to the world’s leading startups, adding velocity and direction to the development of the next generation of great digital businesses.


  • MBA from Harvard Business School
  • BA, with high honors, from the University of California, Berkeley

A history of active socially conscious contributions, giving back to the community in a variety of ways, including through coaching, mentoring, and also volunteering in soup kitchens.



The thing that matters to me are time with family, friends, and enjoying experiences

The exciting aspect of the market today is that there are so many incredible people and ideas coalescing to bring new and innovative concepts to life. The ability to lean in and steward both startups and corporations to actualize and operationalize their visions into tangible outcomes, with real products, true deliverables, and ultimately building thriving businesses is the most rewarding aspect of of the work that we do as part of the team at Exemplar.


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