Richard Strauss, Esq.

Vice President, Exemplar Law, LLC

Exemplar Law, LLC.

  • Provide General Counsel, including contract, employment and corporate law solutions to a technology firm that specializes in state-of-the-art mobile learning, gamification, training, and collaboration products.
  • Provide General Counsel to Exemplar’s crypto-currency deals, including company registrations.
  • Process employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visas for various companies.
  • Process investor-based visas for start-up entities.
  • General Counsel to construction technology, water manufacturing and natural food firms.
  • Suffolk University Law School, Juris Doctor, Boston, Massachusetts
  • University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Advisory Committee Member to Hispanic-American Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Fundación Almateria, Centro de Estudios de Simbología, Caracas, Venezuela

Loving husband, dedicated father of two, practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung and long-time Salsero.

Since I began at Exemplar in 2005, I’ve found that the Spiritual bottom-line of its Quad-bottom line (Social, Environmental, Financial and Spiritual) is what floats my boat. I would explain it as a “Happiness Factor” that permeates from within the organization to without, its Customers. Keeps me coming back every time!

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