Mehow Pospieszalski

Director of Blockchain Technologies, Exemplar Consulting, LLC

Exemplar Consulting, Inc.

  • Rune Wallet – Led successful acquisition of Stash Crypto and the hardware integration of Open Transactions technology with multiple patents pending.  With Rune, banks can now securely store end users’ cryptocurrencies, exchanges can prevent theft and fraud, companies can issue their own ICO/STOs while maintaining their own compliance, and cryptocurrency payments can be performed in real time without a blockchain.
  • Mr. Right Dating – Apple and Facebook whitelisted dating app where all the men are Mr. Right. Invented a funnel leading to the lowest cost per user acquisition in industry (
  • Resyst House – Inventor and cofounder of modern designer fire and quake proof prefab homes manufactured in under a month at $320/sq ft.
  • BA, University of Virginia, Echols Interdisciplinary.
  • Passed 70+ IT exams.
  • Certified by Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Novell, Cisco.
  • Proficient in crypto, software architecture, C, C++, assembly, black and white hat software security analysis for embedded systems.
  • 2 patents pending relating to cryptocurrency in hardware.

I really want to help people. I was one of top dating coaches after retiring from computer hacking. I wrote 8 books and 500,000 people downloaded my products online. I hosted 3 seasons of Yahoo Screen’s “The Girls Game” with 6 million viewers.


Fitness fanatic, burner, sound healer, EMT/SAR, guitarist, pilot, survivalist, author, CEO – I Desire To Inspire SHIFT.


I love the depth of our team – there’s really no problem that the in house team can’t solve.

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