Keith Montgomery, PMP, SPC

Entrepreneur in Residence, Exemplar Companies, Pbc.

  • Connecting clients to the amazing legal, compliance, and accounting services at Exemplar.
  • Bringing new capabilities to Exemplar in Project management, operational excellence, technology, and value stream (and process) optimization.
  • Working with Exemplar’s FINRA certified Investment Banking team to help clients.
  • BA: Mathematics and German from Berea College
  • PMP
  • SPC
  • On the Leadership Council for 5 Saturdays.
  • Advise on several businesses who need leadership expertise and decision making.
  • Love to grow as a person. Created the Sustainable Disruption Management FrameworkSM to help people deal with the pains of life’s big disruptions.
  • Men’s movement advocate and member of the Mankind Project, helping sacred masculinity in our lives and home.
  • Huge supporter of LGBTQ community and diversity in life.

A full-service law firm, compliance experts, accounting/finance, and FINRA certified Investment Bank that has a heart. By focusing on the impact to humanity, bringing these services to businesses who are making a difference is needed.
By focusing on value, Exemplar stands out among other organizations.

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