Anne Grascoeur

Human Capital Director, Exemplar Companies, Pbc.

  • People and Culture Ambassador
  • Provide expertise on key people-related initiatives
  • Work closely with the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the People and Talent strategy is fully aligned and integrated into Exemplar’s growth plan
  • Lead all recruitment efforts to attract exceptional Talents
  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team to define, implement and foster Exemplar’s positive organizational culture
  • Build and deliver strategic HR & Talent solutions to support Exemplar’s values
  • MS in Human Resources Management (MHRM), Walden University
  • Master’s degree in Business Law, University Montesquieu, Law School, Bordeaux France

Member of the Society of Human Resources Management. SHRM promotes future-oriented HR practices that contribute to major long-term business objectives.

Half mom half wonder woman, runner, snowboarder, and avid world explorer, always with my twin daughters.

Changing the world is a dream I pursue for my children and my children’s children. Joining Exemplar Companies, I am embracing the unique opportunity to represent an organization that contributes to creating tomorrow’ s world. We are a new species, the Exemplary Humans, pioneers in many ways and collectively making a difference everyday. This is what excites me at Exemplar.

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