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The Psychedelic Medicine Economic Evolution

Stefan Kasian, NMD, PhD, Conscious Capital Curator


Psychedelic Medicine. The term might conjure up images of hippies gone wild in Woodstock in the 60s. But that was generations ago. The new psychedelic medicine is yielding public acceptance and blooming research about their responsible use, included but not limited to facilitating personal growth, healing, transformation, and relief from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.


This article will cover the unique terrain of psychedelic medicine, where the Sixties Join Wall Street to evolve consciousness.  The purpose of this article is to give you a sampling of the terrain of this blossoming field adds identify exciting trends that point to huge opportunities as reflected by growing markets.


Psychedelic Medicine as a Blossoming Market


As of November 3, 2020, Oregon became the first state to officially decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutic use. This is huge news. It sets a precedent for other states to follow. Oregon joins the other cities including Oakland, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, and Denver, Colorado in decriminalizing psychedelic plant medicines.


I truly become aware of the potency of this field when I had the privilege of attending the Arizon Psychedelic Medicine Conference in 2019. It was hosted by my Alma Mater, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), Tempe, AZ. The conference was oversold: attended by researchers, medical students, physicians, and laypersons alike. All shared the common goal of understanding how to use these powerful substances for healing and growth.


The initiatives of psychedelic medicine research, development, exploration, legalization, and medicalization. The goal is responsible use of psychoactive non addictive plant medicines and substances. Historically, plant medicines have played a special role in transformation and healing for indigenous tribes. As we officially enter the Age of Aquarius, which signifies mind expansion, I predict that psychedelic medicine will play a growing role in resolving mental and physical distunement and lead to new approaches to societal problems such as addiction and isolation.


Examples of Psychedelic Medicines


Examples of Psychedelic Medicines include: cannabis, psilocybin, ayahuasca, ketamine, and MDMA (Ecstasy).

  1. At the time of this writing, cannabis while federally prohibited, is expanding in medical and recreational use in a growing number of states, the size of the market is expected to reach USD 100.03 billion by 2025.


  1. Psilocybin mushrooms continue to receive increasing attention from mainstream publications about their growing acceptance and use by the public for personal growth, healing of depression, and transformatio


  1. Ayahuasca is another renowned plant medicine traditionally found in the Amazonian rainforest to help others heal in a ceremonial setting, recover from addictions, and transform depression. Recent research suggests its potential to regenerate neurons in the brain:


  1. Ketamine is an anesthetic. However, smaller doses offer hope for alleviating depression. Ketamine clinics have sprung up under strict medical supervision, offering hope for alleviating depression in some patients who have tried traditional pharmacologics and therapy but it hasn’t worked for them:


  1. Also, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is leading the field in responsible FDA clinical trials leading up for the legalization of ecstasy (MDMA). It has strong track record of helping individuals heal from trauma and PTSD to regain highly prodcutive lives: The end goal is to be able to provide, with the FDA’s blessings, medically and therapeutically supervised treatments using MDMA.


Wall Street to Amazonian Jungle: Highlights of the Quest


After completing my undergraduate studies at Duke University in Computer Science, I worked briefly on Wall Street. I then earned a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology specializing in Consciousness Studies, using my innovations as a successful real estate entrepreneur as my real-world research lab to apply and test these concepts. Along the way I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) in which I glimpsed a reality far greater than I could have imagined. This renewed my quest for integral knowledge leading me to pursue additional training as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and complete my Residency at Bastyr University Clinic, in San Diego.


In 2012, as a medical student I attended a life-changing lecture by Joe Tafur, MD, on Amazonian Shamanism and Indigenous Medicine. I was so moved by Dr. Tafur’s work of co-founding a medically supervised healing center in the Amazonian Rainforest, that I moved heaven and earth to intern there that summer to explore the potential of this medical frontier. There I apprenticed Maestro Ricardo Amaringo a curandero who has led thousands of healing ceremonies in traditional Amazonian plant medicine protocols. This includes supervised dietas consisting of simple clean foods, and treatments featuring powerful plant medicines such as ayahuasca grown locally in the rainforest. I had such profound realizations and experiences of nature and the cosmos during my month there that it was a peak life experience!


Back at medical school I spoke with such passion about my experience and its medical aspects that my return trip to the Centre was immediately oversold with colleagues hungry for an authentic experience of plant medicine. This led me to build the first and longest running experiential immersive tour to the Amazonian rainforest for clinical credit. I felt privileged to build this legacy of a new generation of medical professionals who bridge healing with doctoring that was nourished by a genuine direct experience of nature in Her full glory. This article, published by one of my former students, featured an Amazonian tribe who was revived from the brink of extinction in part thanks to ayahuasca tourism:


In reflection, I realized I had tapped the wellspring of the 207.9B medical tourism industry by leading groups on these international healing expeditions. My particular subset of that industry included the intersection of travel, education, lifelong learning, and preventative and psychedelic medicine. This trend is here to stay and will only continue to grow:

I have also noticed how experiencing plant medicine in its natural setting in the Amazon rainforest also increased my interest in preserving the earth’s precious ecology. The Amazon rainforest is considered the world’s largest natural pharmacy, where most modern drugs are derived from these plants. In an era of dangerous climate change, where our air, water, and food supply are all threatened by toxicants, psychedelic plant medicine could raise awareness around operating in a more fiscally and environmentally sustainable fashion.


Why Psychedelic Medicine at Exemplar

I have aligned myself with Exemplar as a “Conscious Capital Curator” and their first licensed physician on the team passionate about emergent medicine to empower and enlighten the individual as part of the fabric of sustainable community. Exemplar gives a platform and structure to support and incubate like minded revolutionaries and game changers in an emerging field such as psychedelic medicine, and I am honored to play a key role in this evolutionary work.


We welcome tackling and navigating the complex legalities of psychedelic medicine to be in compliance for a capital raise. For example, exemplar has helped grow cornucopia of innovators and thought leaders in the cannabis world. Our CEO Chis Marston, Esq. has featured some of our shining stars on our youtube channel  CEO’s Get Real Ep. 9 – Michael Malkasian of True North Testing analytical cannabis lab:


If you are a revolutionary in this field, reach out to me. We are a high-touch knowledge firm  My team and I can help you on a relationship-based micro-advising “flexpertise”  program with a team of over 50 professionals in diverse fields to address your growing needs all under one roof to get you ready to raise capital.


We speak your language. We boldly go where no one has gone before. And when you are ready for the next phase we can help structure your capital raise and assist in fulfilling your goals.


On the flip side, if you have capital that you wish to mobilize in a conscious space such as psychedelic medicine, welcome home. Here you have an opportunity to put your investment capital to work in a way that makes you feel good that you are making the world a better place. If this arena excites you, then please contact us and we will work with you to match you with an incredible opportunity.


Save yourself the brain damage of having to find and sort through deals yourself, we have done that for you and cherry picked the premier opportunities. Contact me, let us joint venture, partner, and collaborate on a quest for expanded prosperity and awareness in this emergent field.



Dr. Stefan Kasian, NMD, PhD

Conscious Capital Curator

Evolutionary Medicine &Sustainable Community Concierge


P.S. Breaking news, on November 26, 2020, Forbes featured my friend and colleague Ian McCall, a retired MMA fighter for the use of psychedelic mushrooms to help pro athletes heal their brain injuries:

Dr. Stefan Kasian

Dr. Stefan Kasian

Health Tech Strategist/ Naturopathic Doctor, Exemplar Wellcare, LLC

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