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Mercury Retrograde


Mercury retrograde is frequently associated with electronics, communication and technology failures and mishaps, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. It’s also known for returning persons and situations.

All the astrology “planets” exhibit apparent retrograde motion, except the Sun and Moon. (No planet actually moves in reverse, of course, it’s just an apparent movement). Mercury’s orbit around the Sun is 88 days, it’s inner orbit relative to Earth has a synodic period of approximately 116 days.

Each Mercury retrograde cycle has three (3) phases: pre-shade, retrograde motion, and post-shadow. Each cycle lasts roughly eight (8) weeks, with the actual retrograde (i.e., middle) phase spanning about 24 days. While the days that mark the beginning and end of the middle phase are commonly believed to be the worst, many people observe that the days marking the beginning of the pre-shadow and the ending of the post-shadow are equally vexing.

Although Mercury goes retrograde three to 4 times each year, Mercury is retrograde less than 20% of the time, much less than Jupiter, but more than Mars or Venus.

Practice Pointers

Actions to Avoid (if feasible)

New undertakings and launching new projects.

New meetings and introductions.

Executing (signing) contracts.

Starting negotiations.

Commencing sales pitches and presentations.

Recommended Action

Embrace the “re’s”.

Re-strategize, re-develop, re-think, re-imagine, re-consider, re-view, re-discuss, re-establish, re-draft, re-work, re-evaluate, etc.

Continuing with stalled-out projects or relationships and reviving former plans, efforts and affairs are often ideal during Mercury Retrograde.

Check and re-check facts and figures.

Confirm understandings.

Verify receipt of communications.

If contracts or legally operative instruments are to be executed or filed, double-, triple- and quadruple-check key points and provisions.

Test and question assumptions.


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