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The following is a brief discussion of long-term astrological events currently in progress.

Saturn-Square Uranus (2020-2022)

About every ten years Saturn and Uranus aspect each other in a disharmonious or tense fashion, like the “square,” which means they sit exactly 90 degrees apart on an astrological chart. But the square that predominates in 2021 is very unusual because of the hyper-Aquarian atmosphere, and because it’s a serial event.

The long orbits of the outer planets like Saturn and Uranus mean that their meeting is going to last a few months or even years. And that’s what’s in motion now with the fatherly, stoic, disciplinarian, rule-making planet Saturn, who’s in a tense posture with the maverick, rebel planet—the revolutionary inventor and game-changer, Uranus. We can say that these planets formed this harsh angle (a “square”) in mid-March 2020, about the time of the first U.S. COVID-19 lockdown.

This challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding aspect will remain in effect for some time, at least until the end of 2022. The 2021 period is especially potent because the square aspect becomes exact three times, as they switch from direct to retrograde motion.  This planetary dance promises many surprises, leaps forward, new inventions, and exciting innovations, especially in the Taurean fields of influence (money, markets, property, values, self-esteem) and Aquarian matters (technology, invention, community, equality). Expect these advances and watershed moments to carry the flavor of the rebel-versus-the-authorities, the outsider-versus-the-system, or the champion-of-the-people. Key dates to watch are the 2-4 week periods set around the exact squares on February 17, June 14 and December 24, 2021.

The Jupiter-Saturn Air Sign Conjunction Cycle (exact 12/21/2020)

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the December 2020 Winter Solstice (12/21/20), which garnered worldwide and mainstream media attention, has a number of exceptional qualities. First, while Jupiter and Saturn conjunct about every 20 years, each conjunction generally remains in the same sign-element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) before progressing to the next element. [Note:  there is always at least one holdover exception at the beginning of each new elemental cycle.]

The conjunctions shift elements after approximately two centuries. With 200 years for each element, the entire cycle through all four elements — Water, Fire, Earth, and Air — runs about 800 years. Although the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was an Earth sign holdover that followed the 1980 Libra conjunction, the December 21, 2020 conjunction marks the full entry into the Air signs for the remainder of the Air cycle.

For the previous two hundred years, Jupiter and Saturn experienced their conjunctions in Earth signs, most recently in Capricorn. For these two powerhouse planets—which are global, societal and civilizational in their impact and scope—this sea change is not subtle.  Earth energies are material, terrestrial and tactile; Air energies are ethereal, spiritual and mental. On the macro-level of society and community, this event depicts a radical realignment and transmutation of the human collective, one that alters its focus towards the cognitive, reprioritizes thought, vision and awareness, and eschews notions of the stark dominion of the material over the spiritual.

Adding some fuel to this already powerful event, is the fact this conjunction landed at 0 degrees and 28 minutes of Aquarius. This kind of unlikely event (each Sign has thirty degrees) is very hard to ignore (for astrologers), and it makes a cogent argument that, if we were not already in the Aquarian Age, we are most certainly in it now. (More on the Aquarian Age in future bulletins or other material, for those who’re interested. Suffice it to say for now that the Aquarian Age is an era where society broadly accepts, nurtures and implements ideals and changes that are altruistic, egalitarian, inventive, intelligent, and compassionate.) Those readers who know numerology will note that 28 reflects 10, which is the number of cycle endings and new beginnings.

The last 200-year Air cycle began in the twelfth-century, a period widely studied for its events and movements described as the High Middle Ages and the Renaissance of the 12th Century.

The U.S.A.’s Plutonic Return (in progress, exact 2/22/2022)

The God of the Underworld and ruler of Scorpio, Plutonic energies are those of the subconscious and unconscious, death and rebirth, sex, transformation, destruction, endings, beginnings, power, control, and the things that are covert, hidden or occluded. In the natal chart of the United States, Pluto rests in the second house, the house of possessions and values. On February 22, 2022, Pluto will achieve one full revolution for the U.S.A., returning to its natal chart position of 27 degrees, 33 minutes of Capricorn. This reflects an orbital journey of nearly 246 years.

Given the long orbit and glacial pace of Pluto’s movement, it’s fair to say that the effects of this grand planetary return are manifesting now, and have been in progress for some time. It’s also likely the effects will continue to be conspicuous beyond the exact return date of 2/22/2022. No one who understands much about astrology can be surprised to hear it suggests so strongly the news headlines in the U.S.A. pertaining to government, law, politics, civilian unrest, etc. Currently, the significations of Pluto dominate our news outlets, media and popular culture.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (January 12, 2020)

Saturn and Pluto made a perfect conjunction at 23 degrees of Capricorn on January 12, 2020.

This aspect of these two powerful planets—neither of which is considered harmless or light-hearted—reflects a clash of power and rules, destruction and permanence, transformation and tradition. Outer planets like these commonly affect the collective, society at large, as well as individual, interpersonal dynamics and experience. Pluto, whose significations include sex, death, rebirth, transformation and catharsis, mandates a deep dive into the underworld where we’re forced to confront our shadows and negotiate passage through dark, sometimes frightening and despairing recesses. Saturn is best known for its character as a teacher of hard lessons regarding discipline, rules, responsibility, tradition and institutions. When they meet eye to eye, we can expect a compelled course in fearlessness, persistence, confidence and focus—at both the collective and personal levels.

The planet of contraction and constraint, Saturn has the capacity to intensify the isolating and mettle-testing Plutonic descent. This pair of super-powers may at times demand we stand firm and strong in the face of overwhelming forces, or instead summon the strength to surrender and cope with the internal and external consequences. As a matter of personal responsibility (ruled by Saturn), we’re compelled to respect the inner battles and turmoils experienced by others, just as we grapple with our own struggles.

Notable civilization-level events in January 2020 included— 

  • Chinese state media reports the first known death from an illness caused by COVID (1/11/20); and
  • the U.S. House of Representatives submitted articles of impeachment of Donald Trump (1/16/20).


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