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Astrology in General

Although one can argue that astrology is an ancient science, it may be more accurate to say it’s an uber-science, one that requires utilizing both left-brain and right-brain cognition, both linear and analog logic, both heart and mind.

Astrological sciences (or uber-sciences) do many things, but all of them look at the current configurations and conditions of our nearby planetary neighbors—chiefly the positions and motions of the nine (or 8) planets, the Sun, the Moon, the TNO’s (trans-Neptunian objects) and the Fixed Stars. This yields a kind of weather forecast that describes conditions, past, present or future. Astrologers maintain these conditions dictate energetic patterns that have real world manifestations at every level—intra-personally, inter-personally, socially, national, and internationally.

To be clear, astrology forecasts and describes energetic conditions within spheres of human activity, not prophetic events, per se.  Predicting heavy rains is not the same thing as predicting a catastrophic flood, and predicting a tropical storm is not synonymous with predicting a capsized ship. Capable pilots and able seaman do not ignore the weather. Astrologers see wisdom here, and so does the AstroLAWger.

Of course, avoiding adverse environments and conditions isn’t the only guidance astrology can provide; just as the weather can be destructive, it can be productive. Highly favorable planetary options, aspects and transits can and should be leveraged for business and career purposes, and identifying those phenomena is part of the AstroLAWger mission.

AstroLAWger tools and information are intended to concisely present practical, helpful, easy-to-follow information. The content here can help you avoid or navigate through occurrences that are likely to arise as a result of difficult astrological weather and empower you by identifying favorable astrological conditions that will assist you in reaching your career and business goals.


About Business Astrology

There are many systems of astrology, and most of them provide analytical tools or predictive advice in the various spheres of the human experience: love, home, family, friendship, career, wealth, etc. Western Tropical Astrology (the kind discussed on this blog) is no exception, and it has numerous elements and facets that bear strongly on business, including wealth and career. While many of the twelve Zodiac signs embody energies strongly impacting business, some of the most prominent include Aries (passion, action, drive), Taurus (property, money, possessions and values), Virgo (daily routines, analysis), Capricorn (career, professions, institutions, discipline, rules) and Aquarius (invention, equality, technology). Certain Zodiacal Houses (which are closely aligned with the signs but are distinct) too have special meaning for business astrologers, including the 2d House (wealth), the 6th house (health, work and daily routines), the 7th house (partnerships and commitments), the 10th house (career), and the 11th house (income and gains, innovation, community and originality).

Apart from a general awareness of the current astrology, there are several distinct astrological arts which can be utilized to guide businesses: horary astrology, electional astrology and locational astrology.

  • Horary Astrology. In brief, this is the practice of answering a question or providing guidance based upon the current astrological phenomena.
  • Electional Astrology. Electional astrology begins with a certain kind of question: when? When should I—start a business? Take out a loan? Sell a company? Enter a contract? Buy a house? Get married? Have a surgery? Etc.
  • Locational Astrology. This collection of arts focuses on specific geographic locations. They include: Astrological geomancy (combines astrological diagrams, signs and symbols into location-specific systems); astrological cartography (cartographically plots natal chart elements); and astrogeography (analysis of terrain, landscape, physical features, inhabitants, and geo-phenomena using astrological arts).

Natal Charts. The natal chart (or “birth chart”) reflects the astrological configuration and conditions present at the time of birth of (usually) the individual. However, communities (like cities, states and nations) and organizations (such as partnerships, LLC’s, trusts and corporations) also have natal charts. Natal chart analysis rises from the principle that the “the end is written in the beginning.” Natal charts are foundational tools for some astrologers. Traditional horary astrology doesn’t utilize natal charts, electional and locational astrology may or may not use natal charts for the person seeking guidance.

Moon Calendars. While it’s quite common for an individual living in an industrialized Western nation to know his or her Sun sign, far fewer people know their Moon sign—i.e., the Zodiac sign where the Moon was located at the time of birth. This is an important data point for Moon astrologers. Perhaps even more fundamental are the phases of the Moon (including current phase and natal phase). Additional facets of Moon astrology include: Void of Course periods (when the Moon quits its final key aspect in a given sign before entering the next); Lunar Eclipses; Black Moon Lilith or True Lilith (measurements describing the extremes of the Lunar Orbit around the Earth); and Declinations (angle of the Moon’s orbit relative to the Earth’s equator). Business astrologers commonly evaluate Moon astrology conditions as part of their practice.

Other Tools. Many other tools are used in conjunction with the above approaches and frameworks, including house rulerships, sign polarities, modalities and elements. You’re invited to check in with the AstroLAWger regularly, as many of these topics will be discussed.


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