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Know the astrological weather because knowledge is POWER.™

This bulletin is designed to provide a packet of powerful information that will help you avoid or negotiate occurrences that are likely to arise due to predictably difficult energetic conditions. Another purpose is to give some guidance on maximizing the astrological climate to be more successful and happy, in general. Some of the advice is very simple to understand and adopt (see the Lunar Void of Course information, or the Mercury Retrograde attachment); other points will take more reflection and imagination to utilize in a meaningful way. 


How To Use This Month’s Bulletin

  1. Observe the big picture items. The chief astrological phenomena this month are:
    • Mercury Retrograde. Read the Mercury Retrograde (“Rx”) attachment, which will accompany this bulletin during each Mercury Rx period.
    • Super-Aquarian Stellium. Seven (7) Planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas Athena) are clustered together for the first 2 ½ weeks of the month in Aquarius. This complex and exceedingly rare moment in time, which follows the super-potent, civilization-shifting Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the last Winter Solstice (12/21/20, aka the “Christmas Star”), is addressed in the Appendix.
    • Other Phenomena. Many additional aspects and transits this month are noted on the AstroLawger calendar (see below). They include a number of squares (and one sextile) of the Aquarian planets to Uranus and Mars in Taurus, multiple inner planet conjunctions and the Chinese/Lunar New Year (Year of the Golden Ox).


  1. Use the AstroLawger Monthly Calendar.

Dates and precise times for some of the above events are entered into the AstroLawger calendar. Please email me (jfoy@exemplarlaw.com) to gain access to the monthly calendars if you don’t yet have it. Note that all dates/times entered into the calendar are based on Pacific Standard Time (till 3/15/21, on which date it changes to Pacific Daylight Time).


  1. Take Note of the Void of Course Moon. In addition, this monthly bulletin will include a table of the month’s Lunar Void of Course periods. To take advantage of the information, review the Lunar Void of Course attachment, which will accompany this bulletin each month.


Mercury Retrograde


Mercury retrograde is frequently associated with electronics, communication and technology failures and mishaps, nervous anxiety, travel delays, returning people, recurring situations, and lost items.

All the astrology “planets” exhibit apparent retrograde motion, except the Sun and Moon. (No planet actually moves in reverse, of course, it’s just an apparent movement). Mercury’s orbit around the Sun is 88 days, it’s inner orbit relative to Earth has a synodic period of approximately 116 days.

Each Mercury retrograde cycle has three (3) phases: pre-shade, retrograde motion, and post-shadow. Each cycle lasts roughly eight (8) weeks, with the actual retrograde (i.e., middle) phase spanning about 24 days. While the days that mark the beginning and end of the middle phase are commonly believed to be the worst, many people observe that the days marking the beginning of the pre-shadow and the ending of the post-shadow are equally vexing.

Although Mercury goes retrograde three to 4 times each year, Mercury is retrograde less than 20% of the time, much less than Jupiter, but more than Mars or Venus.


Practice Pointers

Actions to Avoid (if feasible)

New undertakings and launching new projects.

New meetings and introductions.

Executing (signing) contracts.

Starting negotiations.

Commencing sales pitches and presentations.


Recommended Action

Embrace the “re’s”.

Re-strategize, re-develop, re-think, re-imagine, re-consider, re-view, re-discuss, re-establish, re-draft, re-work, re-evaluate, etc.

Continuing with stalled-out projects or relationships and reviving former plans, efforts and affairs are often ideal during Mercury Retrograde.

Check and re-check facts and figures.

Confirm understandings.

Verify receipt of communications.

If contracts or legally operative instruments are to be executed or filed, double-, triple- and quadruple-check key points and provisions.

Test and question assumptions.



Super-Aquarian Stellium


Seven (7) Planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pallas) are joining together in the sign of Aquarius for the first 18 days (roughly) of the month. As suggested above, this is a wildly energetic and extraordinary phenomenon that follows a momentous astrological event occurring less than two months earlier.  Some background on that event will create a foundation for understanding what can be anticipated this month. Here’s an abstract on the 2020 Winter Solstice Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction—

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the December 2020 Winter Solstice (12/21/20), which garnered worldwide and mainstream media attention, has a number of exceptional qualities. First, while Jupiter and Saturn conjunct about every 20 years, each conjunction remains in the same sign-element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) before progressing to the next element. This indicates a 200-year cycle of conjunctions in the signs of one element before the conjunctions advance to the next element (with some “holdovers” or “slip-backs”). All in all, this describes an 800-year cycle (four elements and 200 years per element).

Although the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was an Earth sign holdover that followed the 1980 Libra conjunction, the December 21, 2020 conjunction marks the full entry into the Air signs for the remainder of the Air cycle.  

For the previous two hundred years, Jupiter and Saturn experienced their conjunctions in Earth signs, most recently in Taurus (2000) and Capricorn (1961). For these two powerhouse planets—which are global, societal and civilizational in their impact and scope—this sea change is not subtle.  Earth energies are material, terrestrial and tactile; Air energies are ethereal, spiritual and mental. On the macro-level of society and community, this event depicts a radical realignment and transmutation of the human collective, one that alters its focus towards the cognitive, reprioritizes thought, vision and awareness, and eschews notions of the stark dominion of the material over the spiritual.

Adding some fuel to this already powerful event, is the fact this conjunction landed at 0 degrees and 28 minutes of Aquarius. This kind of unlikely event (each Sign has thirty degrees) is very hard to ignore (for astrologers), and it makes a cogent argument (although not all will agree) that, if we were not already in the Aquarian Age, we are most certainly in it now. (More on the Aquarian Age in future bulletins or other material, for those who’re interested. Suffice it to say for now that the Aquarian Age is an era where society broadly accepts, nurtures and implements ideals and changes that are altruistic, egalitarian, inventive, intelligent, and compassionate.) Those readers who know numerology will note that 28 reflects 10, which is the number of cycle endings and new beginnings.


The last 200-year Air cycle began in the twelfth-century (Libra, Nov. 15, 1186), a period widely studied for its events and movements described as the High Middle Ages and the Renaissance of the 12th Century.

So what does it mean when five additional planets join together in the same sign and with these two titan planets merely weeks after their super-rare encounter at 0 degrees Aquarius? Examining each of the conjunctions as well as the New Moon will shed some light on what to expect. Also noteworthy are: Mercury’s retrograde motion (1/30 – 2/21/21), the Sun’s square to Mars in Taurus (2/1/21), Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus (2/10/21), and Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (2/17/21).


Mercury Retrograde (1/30 – 2/21/21). Mercury: began its pre-shadow period on 1/15/21; stations retrograde at 26° Aquarius on 1/30/21; stations direct at 11° Aquarius on 2/21/21; and travels through its post-shadow phase until 3/13/21.

Sun in Aquarius Square Mars in Taurus (2/1/21). The Sun (the Self, the body, the ego) in Aquarius tensely aspects Mars (aggression, action, passion, drive) in Taurus (money, possessions, luxuries, pleasures, love, the material world). Watch for tyrants and hotheads, stay cool and calm. Ego conflicts and erratic or unjustified aggression and assertions of power and dominance are likely, as are overreaction to such aggression and assertions. 

Venus-Saturn Conjunction (2/6/21). Money, wealth, love and friendship can all be challenged during this transit. Saturn (discipline, structure, hard work, rules, order) never compromises. Venus’ abilities to express love and feel pleasure are suppressed. Isolation and loneliness are common effects.

Sun-Mercury Conjunction (2/8/21). The energy of the Sun blasts Mercury (duality, thought, logic, communication, networking, accounting, commerce and trade) with its fortifying energy. Excellent time for accomplishing Mercury-governed goals, especially those aligned with Aquarian affairs and themes (freedom, innovation, invention, altruistic and unitarian efforts, etc.).

Mercury in Aquarius Square Mars in Taurus (2/10/21). Mercury (duality, thought, logic, communication, networking, accounting, commerce and trade) retrograding through Aquarius (freedom, innovation, invention, originality, altruism, equality, unity) tensely aspects Mars (action, aggression, passion, drive) in Taurus (money, property, values, self-esteem).  Watch for: rushed thinking, impatience, aggression. Avoid leaping to conclusions, assuming the worst, impetuous or unbalanced decisions, harsh words and regretful words/actions. Arguments and disagreements are common effects. Listen carefully and act with calm and calibrated deliberation.

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction (2/11/21). Generally, this is a lucky and auspicious transit, indicating abundance, love and pleasure.  Watch out for unjustified optimism, excessive spending, idleness, over-indulgence, Financial endeavors and projects launched under this influence are likely to be profitable. Camaraderie and goodwill are high. Creativity and the ability to artistically convey ideals and beneficial visions is amplified.

New Moon (2/11/21). Occurring just hours after the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, and less than a week before the Saturn-Uranus square (on 2/17), this new moon has three notable flavors: one, love, pleasure and beauty are enhanced by Jupiter’s expansive, energetic embrace; two, the Saturn-Uranus discord between the competing principles of order and originality, conformity and rebellion, is audible; and three, action-oriented, passionate Mars (in loving, sensual Taurus) harmonizes with dreamy, intuitive, creative Neptune in spiritual, artistic Pisces. This new moon aligns with Aquarian fixed star Sadalsuud, called Lucida Fortunæ Fortunarum, or “the brightest luck of lucks!”

Mercury-Venus Conjunction (2/13/21). Expressions of love, pleasure, beauty and values are facilitated and supported. Artistic and creative skills are enhanced. Negotiations are favorable because of graceful communications; shopping and trading are supported because of enhanced perception of value and bargains. Peaceful resolutions and dispute settlements are supported, as are new friendships and social interactions. Asking for favors or romantic advances are supported. Improving troubled relations is possible and repairing or renewing friendships are favored as well.

Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction (2/14/21). Communication and thinking are expansive, optimistic and fortunate. Powers of persuasion are strong.

Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus (2/17/21). Saturn (in liberal, forward looking Aquarius), the planet of order, rules and tradition clashes with the rebellious, individualistic Uranus (in conservative, fixed sign Taurus). Originality and spontaneity collide with rules and stability. This exact square is the first of three (3) that will occur in 2021, reflecting a planetary dance which promises many surprises, leaps forward, new inventions, and exciting innovations, especially in the Taurean fields of influence (money, markets, property, values, self-esteem) and Aquarian matters (technology, invention, community, equality). Expect these advances and watershed moments to carry the flavor of the rebel-versus-the-authorities, the outsider-versus-the-system, or the champion-of-the-people. Key dates to watch are the 2-4 week periods set around the exact squares on February 17 (at 7 degrees), June 14 (at 13 degrees), and December 24, 2021 (at 5 degrees). See the article A Lightning-Storm of Innovation and Liberation: The 2021 Saturn-Uranus Triple Square  for an extended discussion and analysis.

Asteroid Pallas Athena. Righteous warrior goddess Pallas Athena represents wisdom, planning, strategy, intuition, intelligence, skill, insight, strength, upheaval, activism, and politics, travels from 18 degrees to 27 degrees Aquarius throughout the month of February.


Observations and Comments

The aspects and transits of this super-stellium are like a fractal that encapsulates the energies that will unfold over the next twenty (20) years, as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction runs out and resets for its next conjunction (on Halloween day, 10/31/2040) at 17 degrees 55’ Libra.  The presence of Pallas Athena suggests a period of heroic effort. Athena is a superior strategist and creative thinker, a skilled negotiator and diplomat who won’t hesitate to use her awesome combat skills when all else fails. When Athena’s presence is placed in the same frame as the aspects to Mars (in Taurus) during February—by the Sun (square), Mercury (square), Neptune (sextile, Pisces) and Pluto (trine, Capricorn)—a dramatic, epic-adventure is perhaps suggested. Presumably, such a saga would heavily rely upon Aquarian themes of the championing of the collective, equality for all and extraordinary technological advancement integrated into the quest for such noble pursuits. The Pallas Athenian drama occurs within the epic space opera playing out with the triplicity of Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021, which is fertile ground for narratives we can expect Pallas Athena to deliver.


In this rare super-cluster of planets one also sees the brilliance of thought and communication reflected in the Sun-Mercury conjunction, and the good fortune and optimism in the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. The great prosperity, luck and joy of Venus’ joinder with Jupiter is inspiring, but there is also the pain and dejection of Venus at odds with Saturn.  The tensions of Saturn square Uranus and the Mars squares with both the Sun and Mercury foretell conflict between the new and the old, the established and the oppressed. Collectively, they offer no assurance that those with power will react with moderation and judiciousness or use fair-mindedness and compassion when confronted. Still, the super-powers unleased in this sign—which is easily among the fairest and most life-affirming in the Zodiac—cannot help but bring tremendous Aquarian gifts in the short term and medium term, and even greater positive changes globally over the long term.


Lunar Void of Course

After the Moon completes its key aspects with all the planets in a given sign (in which the Moon is traversing), it is said to be “void of course” for the remainder of its passage in that sign. It’s messages al have been delivered, and it’s effectively discharged—until it enters the next sign. The Moon goes void of course about every 2 ½ days; usually the period only lasts a few hours, but can last more than a full day.


The simple advice is here is to avoid activities and communications of great importance or significance when the Moon is in this inactive period. This advice is similar to the recommended course of action/inaction for Mercury Retrograde. Efforts are likely to fail to produce the desired outcome during void of course periods.





All dates and times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).


         START DATE AND TIME                       END DATE AND TIME                            ENTERING SIGN

Sat 2/6/2021, 10:16 PM Sun 2/7/2021, 12:52 PM Capricorn
Tue 2/9/2021, 9:22 AM Wed 2/9/2021, 5:20 AM Aquarius
Thu 2/11/2021 11:06 AM Thur 2/11/2021 11:23 PM Pisces
Sat 2/13/2021, 11:29 PM Sun 2/14/2021, 7:54 AM  Aries
Tue 2/16/2021 4:17 PM Tue 2/16/2021 7:12 PM Taurus
Thu 2/18/2021, 11:28 PM Fri 2/19/2021, 8:04 AM Gemini
Sun 2/21/2021 10:39 AM Sun 2/21/2021 7:53 PM Cancer
Tue 2/23/2021, 8:54 PM Wed 2/24/2021, 4:23 AM  Leo
Fri 2/26/2021 3:32 AM Fri 2/26/2021 9:07 AM Virgo
Sun 2/28/2021 7:58 AM Sun 2/28/2021 11:17 AM Libra



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